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City proper

Geographical area contained within the defined boundary of a city / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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A city proper is the geographical area contained within city limits.[1][2] The term proper is not exclusive to cities; it can describe the geographical area within the boundaries of any given locality. The United Nations defines the term as "the single political jurisdiction which contains the historical city centre. The term is synonymous with Central City in the United States which typically contains much of the lower income population. "[3][4]

The city proper starts and ends at the city limits, as seen with this sign for Schulenburg, Texas.

City proper is one of the three basic concepts used to define urban areas and populations.[5] The other two are urban agglomeration, and the metropolitan area. In some countries, city limits that act as the demarcation for the city proper are drawn very wide, in some very narrow. This can be cause for recurring controversy.[6][7]