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Cosmic Encounter is a science fiction–themed strategy board game designed by "Future Pastimes" (collectively, Peter Olotka, Jack Kittredge and Bill Eberle, with Bill Norton) and originally published by Eon Games in 1977. In it, each player takes the role of a particular alien species, each with a unique power to bend or break one of the rules of the game, trying to establish control over the universe. The game was inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame in 1997.[1]

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Cosmic Encounter
The cover of the current edition of Cosmic Encounter, from Fantasy Flight Games.
DesignersPeter Olotka, Jack Kittredge, Bill Eberle, Bill Norton
PublishersEon Products, Inc, West End Games, Games Workshop Mayfair Games, Avalon Hill, Fantasy Flight Games
Players3–6+ (depending on edition)
Setup time5–10 minutes
Playing time20–120+ minutes
Age range12+
SkillsPrediction, diplomacy, card management

Cosmic Encounter is a dynamic and social game, with players being encouraged to interact, argue, form alliances, make deals, double-cross, and occasionally work together to protect the common good. Most editions of the game are designed for three to five players, although official rules exist for playing with as many as eight players.