Cryptomeria (literally "hidden parts") is a monotypic genus of conifer in the cypress family Cupressaceae, formerly belonging to the family Taxodiaceae. It includes only one species, Cryptomeria japonica (syn. Cupressus japonica L.f.). It used to be considered by some to be endemic to Japan (see remark below under 'Endemism'), where it is known as Sugi ().[2] The tree is called Japanese cedar[3] or Japanese redwood[4][5] in English. It has been extensively introduced and cultivated for wood production on the Azores.

Cone and seed

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Plate from "Flora Japonica" by Philipp Franz von Siebold and Joseph Gerhard Zuccarini
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Gymnosperms
Division: Pinophyta
Class: Pinopsida
Order: Cupressales
Family: Cupressaceae
Subfamily: Taxodioideae
Genus: Cryptomeria
C. japonica
Binomial name
Cryptomeria japonica
Synonyms list
    • Cryptomeria araucarioides Henkel & W.Hochst.
    • Cryptomeria compacta Beissn.
    • Cryptomeria elegans Jacob-Makoy
    • Cryptomeria fortunei Hooibr. ex Billain
    • Cryptomeria generalis E.H.L.Krause
    • Cryptomeria kawaii Hayata
    • Cryptomeria lobbiana Billain
    • Cryptomeria lobbii (Carrière) Lavallée
    • Cryptomeria mairei (H.Lév.) Nakai
    • Cryptomeria mucronata Beissn.
    • Cryptomeria nana Lindl. & Gordon
    • Cryptomeria nigricans Carrière
    • Cryptomeria pungens Beissn.
    • Cryptomeria variegata Beissn.
    • Cryptomeria viridis Beissn.
    • Cupressus japonica Thunb. ex L.f.
    • Cupressus mairei H.Lév.
    • Schubertia japonica (Thunb. ex L.f.) Jacques
    • Schubertia japonicum (Thunb. ex L. f.) Brongn.
    • Taxodium japonicum (Thunb. ex L.f.) Brongn.

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