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Drue Heinz, DBE (born Doreen Mary English; March 8, 1915 – March 30, 2018) was a British-born American actress, philanthropist, arts patron, and socialite.[1][2] She was the publisher of the literary magazine The Paris Review (1993 to 2007), co-founded Ecco Press, founded literary retreats and endowed the Drue Heinz Literature Prize among others.[3] She was married to H. J. Heinz II, president of Heinz.

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Drue Heinz
A middle-aged woman sits in a chair with a broad open smile looking at the camera with an open book on her lap and a bookcase of books in the background. She wears a full-body black dress, white pearl necklace, white pearl earrings and a gold bracelet.
Drue Heinz, 1955
Doreen Mary English

March 8, 1915 (1915-03-08)
Norfolk, England
Died (aged 103)
Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland
Spouse(s)John Mackenzie Robertson
Dale Wilford Maher (m. 1946–d.1948)
H. J. Heinz II (m. 1953–d.1987)