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Flip Video

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The Flip Video cameras are an American series of pocket video cameras for digital video created by Pure Digital Technologies,[1] a company bought by Cisco Systems in March 2009;[2] variants include the UltraHD,[3] the MinoHD,[4] and the SlideHD.[5] Flip Video cameras were known for their simple interface with few buttons, minimal menus and built in USB plugs (from which they derived the flip name), and were marketed as making video "simple to shoot, simple to share"[6] Production of the line of Flip video cameras ran from 2006 until April 2011, when Cisco Systems discontinued them as to "exit aspects of [its] consumer businesses".[7] Flip cameras contributed to an increase in the popularity of similar small tapeless camcorders, although the inclusion of HD video cameras in many smartphones has since made them a more niche product.

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Flip Video Company
IndustryConsumer Cameras
ResolutionsVGA, HD
BrandPure Digital Technologies
First model releasedMay 1, 2006
DiscontinuedApril 12, 2011
FateAcquired and shut down by Cisco Systems