Football Championship of the Ukrainian SSR

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The Championship of the Ukrainian SSR in football was a top competition of association football in the Ukrainian SSR in 1921-91. Number of Ukrainian clubs almost never competed in the championship such as Dynamo Kyiv.

Quick facts: Founded, Folded, Country, Level on pyramid, R...
Championship of the Ukrainian SSR
Folded1991 (reformed)
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toAmateurs
Domestic cup(s)Football Cup of the Ukrainian SSR
Last championsNaftovyk Okhtyrka (1st title)
Most championships4 - SKA Kyiv and Kryvbas
8 - Kharkiv city football team[lower-alpha 1] (as Intercities champion)

The competitions were organized by the Football Federation of the Ukrainian SSR[1] that was created in 1959 in place of the Football Section.

Before 1980 selected teams of Moldavian SSR participated in the championship.

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