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Gail Simone (aka Gladys Simonetti) is an American writer best known for her work in comics on DC's Birds of Prey, Batgirl, Dynamite Entertainment's Red Sonja, and for being the longest running female writer on Wonder Woman to date. Other notable works include Clean Room, Secret Six, Welcome to Tranquility, The All-New Atom, and Deadpool.

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Gail Simone
Simone at the New York Comic Con in Manhattan, October 9, 2010
BornOregon, U.S.
Area(s)Writer, Critic
Notable works
Birds of Prey
Secret Six
Welcome to Tranquility
Wonder Woman
Red Sonja

She enjoyed a long-running stint on The Simpsons comics, and has also written for television and video games.[1]

Her work has been nominated for a number of awards including the GLAAD Media Award, and she is the recipient of a 2017 San Diego Comic Con Inkpot Award.