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Halil Kut (1881 – 20 August 1957)[1] was an Ottoman Turkish military commander and politician. He served in the Ottoman army during World War I, notably taking part in the military campaigns against Russia in the Caucasus and the British in Mesopotamia. His greatest achievement was surrounding the British expeditionary force in Kut, for 163 days until they surrendered.[citation needed]

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Halil Kut
Kut before the end of WW1
Nickname(s)The Hero of Kut
Kutülamare Kahramanı
Born1881 (1881)
Yenimahalle, Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Died20 August 1957(1957-08-20) (aged 75–76)
Istanbul, Turkey
AllegianceFlag_of_the_Ottoman_Empire_%281844%E2%80%931922%29.svg Ottoman Empire
Flag_of_Turkey.svg Turkey
RankMajor general
UnitSixth Army
Battles/warsBalkan Wars
Italo-Turkish War
World War I

Halil was responsible for numerous atrocities committed against Armenian and Assyrian civilians during the war, overseeing the massacres of Armenian men, women and children in Bitlis, Mush, and Beyazit. Many of the victims were buried alive in specially prepared ditches.[2] He also crossed into neighboring Persia and massacred Armenians, Assyrians and Persians.[3]

Kut claimed in his memoirs that he personally killed "more or less" 300,000 Armenians.[4] During a meeting at Yerevan in the summer of 1918, he declared to a group of Armenians that he had "endeavored to wipe out the Armenian nation to the last individual."[4]