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IPA Extensions is a block (U+0250–U+02AF) of the Unicode standard that contains full size letters used in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Both modern and historical characters are included, as well as former and proposed IPA signs and non-IPA phonetic letters. Additional characters employed for phonetics, like the palatalization sign, are encoded in the blocks Phonetic Extensions (1D001D7F) and Phonetic Extensions Supplement (1D801DBF). Diacritics are found in the Spacing Modifier Letters (02B002FF) and Combining Diacritical Marks (0300036F) blocks. Its block name in Unicode 1.0 was Standard Phonetic.[3]

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IPA Extensions
(96 code points)
Major alphabetsIPA
Assigned96 code points
Unused0 reserved code points
Unicode version history
1.0.0 (1991)89 (+89)
3.0 (1999)94 (+5)
4.0 (2003)96 (+2)
Unicode documentation
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Note: [1][2]

With the ability to use Unicode for the presentation of IPA symbols, ASCII-based systems such as X-SAMPA are being supplanted.[4] Within the Unicode blocks there are also a few former IPA characters no longer in international use by linguists.