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Italian Australians

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Italian Australians (Italian: Italo-australiani) are Australians with Italian ancestry. Italian Australians constitute the sixth largest ancestry group in Australia, and one of the largest groups in the global Italian diaspora. At the 2021 census, 1,108,364 Australian residents nominated Italian ancestry (whether alone or in combination with another ancestry),[1] representing 4.4% of the Australian population. The 2021 census found that 171,520 were born in Italy.[1] As of 2021, there are 228,042 Australian residents who speak Italian or Italian dialects at home.[1] The Italo-Australian dialect is prominent among Italian Australians who use the Italian language.

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Italian Australians
Italiani Australiani
Total population
1,108,364 (by ancestry, 2021)[1]
(4.4% of the Australian population)[1]
171,520 (by birth, 2021)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Melbourne, Sydney (mostly Haberfield and the surrounding area), Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and other urban areas
Australian English
Italian (Italo-Australian dialect), Sicilian, Neapolitan
Christianity (predominantly Catholicism)
Related ethnic groups
Italian New Zealanders, Italian Americans, Italian Canadians, Italian British