Kanishka Casket

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The Kanishka casket or Kanishka reliquary, is a Buddhist reliquary made in gilded copper, and dated to the first year of the reign of the Kushan emperor Kanishka, in 127 CE. It is now in the Peshawar Museum in the historic city of Peshawar, Pakistan.

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Kanishka casket
The "Kanishka Casket", dated to 127 CE, with the Buddha surrounded by Indra and Brahma. Kanishka appears in the lower part among the scrolls, British Museum.[1]
Created2nd century CE
Present locationPeshawar Museum, Pakistan (a copy is in British Museum, London)
Kanishka stupa is located in Pakistan
Kanishka stupa
Kanishka stupa
Kanishka stupa is located in Gandhara
Kanishka stupa
Kanishka stupa
Detail of the Buddha, surrounded by cherubs, with devotee or bodhisattava