Kentucky Colonel

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Kentucky Colonel is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and is the best-known of a number of honorary colonelcies conferred by United States governors.[1] A Kentucky Colonel Commission (the certificate) is awarded in the name of the Commonwealth by the governor of Kentucky to individuals with "Honorable" titular style recognition preceding the names of civilians aged 18 or over, for noteworthy accomplishments, contributions to civil society, remarkable deeds, or outstanding service to the community, state, or a nation.[2] The Governor bestows the honorable title with a colonelcy commission, by issuance of letters patent.

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Kentucky Colonel
Kentucky Colonelcy certificate
A letters patent certificate for a Kentucky Colonel issued in 1987 by Governor Martha Layne Collins
Awarded by Flag_of_Kentucky.svg Kentucky
TypeState order & order of merit
CountryFlag_of_the_United_States.svg United States
SeatFrankfort, Kentucky
RibbonKentucky Blue
MottoUnited We Stand
Divided We Fall
CriteriaRecognition of good deed, contribution to state prosperity, community service, or noteworthy action performed by an individual.
FounderGovernor Col. Isaac Shelby
First induction1813
Last inductionCurrent
Total inducteesCirca 350,000


While many famous and noteworthy people have received commissions as Kentucky colonels, the award is equally available to those of all backgrounds based on their deeds. A Kentucky Colonel is traditionally considered a goodwill ambassador of the Kentucky state, culture, folklore, traditions and values.[3]