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A khanate or khaganate is the name for a type of historic polity ruled by a khan, khagan, khatun, or khanum.[1][2] Khanates were typically nomadic Turkic, Mongol and Tatar societies located on the Eurasian Steppe,[3][4][5] politically equivalent in status to kinship-based chiefdoms and feudal monarchies.[2] Khanates and khaganates were organised tribally, where leaders gained power on the support and loyalty of their warrior subjects,[3] gaining tribute from subordinates as realm funding.[6] In comparison to a khanate, a khaganate, the realm of a khagan, was a large nomadic state maintaining subjugation over numerous smaller khanates.[7] The title of khagan, translating as "Khan of the Khans", roughly corresponds in status to that of an emperor.[2][4]

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