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Midtown Comics is a New York City comic book retailer with three shops in Manhattan and an e-commerce website.[1][2] The largest comic book store in the United States,[3] the company opened its first store in the Times Square area in 1997. Its second was opened on Lexington Avenue in 2004,[2] and is known as the Grand Central store for its proximity to Grand Central Terminal.[4] Its downtown store was opened on Fulton Street in the Financial District in November 2010, and its Astoria, Queens outlet store opened in March 2020. It also used to operate a boutique inside Manhattan's Times Square Toys R Us.

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Midtown Comics
  • Angelo Chantly
  • Thomas Galitos
  • Gerry Gladston
  • Robert Mileta
United States
Number of locations
3 stores (2010)
Area served

The store is noted for appearances by celebrities known outside the comic book industry,[5] for its friendly and energetic staff, and for being the most media-friendly comic store in the United States.[6] It was named by The Village Voice in 2012 as the Best Comic Book Store in New York,[7] and has been hailed by CBR.com as "the industry’s leading retailer of comic books, graphic novels and manga."[4] On July 13, 2012, the National Geographic Channel premiered Comic Store Heroes, a reality television program set at Midtown Comics. In 2013, it was ranked number 44 on Bleeding Cool magazine's Top 100 Power List of Comic Books, due to its geographic proximity to the then-headquarters of "Big Two" of the American comic book publishing industry, Marvel Comics and DC Comics,[a] and the relationship between the store and industry professionals.[6]