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Miss Hanafi or El Anesa Hanafy (Arabic: الآنسة حنفي) is a 1954 Egyptian comedy film written and produced by Galil al-Bendari and directed by Fatin Abdel Wahab about a man who goes through an accidental sex change.[1] Starring by Ismail Yaseen and Omar El-Hariri, the film is based upon an actual 1947 news article about a woman-to-man instance but with the gender switch reversed to be man-to-woman for comedy effect.[2][3]

Quick facts: Miss Hanafi (El Anesa Hanafy), Directed by, W...
Miss Hanafi
(El Anesa Hanafy)
Arabic: الآنسة حنفي
Directed byFatin Abdel Wahab
Written byGalil al-Bendari
Produced byGalil al-Bendari
CinematographyRobert Tamba
Release date
1954 (Egypt)
Running time
93 minutes

Miss Hanafi is listed among the most important 100 films in the history of Egyptian cinema.[4] In his book Dream Makers on the Nile, author Mustafa Darwish called it Ismail Yasseen's "most famous and funniest film".[5]

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