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Mount Helicon (Ancient Greek: Ἑλικών; Greek: Ελικώνας) is a mountain in the region of Thespiai in Boeotia, Greece,[1] celebrated in Greek mythology. With an altitude of 1,749 metres (5,738 ft), it is located approximately 10 kilometres (6 mi) from the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth. Some researchers[who?] maintain that Helicon was also the Greek name of mount Rocca Salvatesta in Sicily as a river started from it was called also Helikon.[2][page needed]

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Mount Helicon
Mount Helicon, Parnassus and the plain of Thebes (c.1838–1845) by Skene James
Highest point
Elevation1,749 m (5,738 ft)
Coordinates38°21′10″N 22°49′21″E
Mount Helicon is located in Greece
Mount Helicon
Mount Helicon
Parent rangeHelicon