Music of the Spheres (Langgaard)

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Music of the Spheres (Danish: Sfærernes Musik) is a composition by Rued Langgaard, written in 1916–18 and scored for orchestra, choir, organ, a "distant" orchestra, and a soprano soloist.[1] The piece is inspired by a line from a Danish poem translated as, "The stars seem to twinkle kindly at us, yet the writing of the stars is cold and merciless."[2]

The work incorporates innovations that were ahead of their time,[3] including some of the earliest examples of string piano (playing directly on the strings of the piano). The piece's extensive use of slow-moving string clusters prompted the composer György Ligeti to proclaim himself a "Langgaard-epigone" when presented with the score in the late 1960s.[4][5]