Port Stoth

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Port Stoth, known locally as Stoth and pronounced Stow,[1] is a sheltered inlet just southeast of the Butt of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.[2] It is the most northerly landing in the Outer Hebrides.[3] A track leads down to a slipway which runs across the sandy beach.[4]

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Port Stoth
Port Stoth
Port Stoth is located in Outer Hebrides
Port Stoth
Port Stoth
Location in the Outer Hebrides
LocationIsle of Lewis, Scotland, UK
Grid Reference NB524659
Coordinates58.510701°N 6.251169°W / 58.510701; -6.251169

Port Stoth is about 400 yards (370 m) from the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse.[5] All the materials for the construction of the lighthouse (between 1859 and 1862) were brought by ship and landed in Port Stoth, due to lack of road infrastructure.[6] The port continued to play an important role in bringing supplies to the lighthouse[1] until about 1960.[6] Supplies and fuel were brought in small cargo vessels when the weather allowed, and were unloaded in Port Stoth by crane. The concrete base still remains, as does a brick storage building.[1]

There is a brick building to the North side of Stoth where shellfish was landed and there are the remains of a hoist fixed to the shore below.

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