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Quantum programming is the process of designing or assembling sequences of instructions, called quantum circuits, using gates, switches, and operators to manipulate a quantum system for a desired outcome or results of a given experiment. Quantum circuit algorithms can be implemented on integrated circuits, conducted with instrumentation, or written in a programming language for use with a quantum computer or a quantum processor.

With quantum processor based systems, quantum programming languages help express quantum algorithms using high-level constructs.[1] The field is deeply rooted in the open-source philosophy and as a result most of the quantum software discussed in this article is freely available as open-source software.[2]

Quantum computers, such as those based on the KLM protocol, a linear optical quantum computing (LOQC) model, use quantum algorithms (circuits) implemented with electronics, integrated circuits, instrumentation, sensors, and/or by other physical means.[not verified in body]

Other circuits designed for experimentation related to quantum systems can be instrumentation and sensor based.[not verified in body]

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