The Sambians were a Prussian tribe. They inhabited the Sambia Peninsula north of the city of Königsberg (now Kaliningrad). Sambians were located in a coastal territory rich in amber and engaged in trade early on (see Amber Road). Therefore, they established contacts with foreign nations before any other Prussians.[citation needed] However, as all other Prussians, they were conquered by the Teutonic Knights, and, exposed to assimilation and Germanization, became extinct sometime in the 17th century.

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Sambians (in orange) and other Prussian clans during the 13th century
Total population
Extinct in 17th–18th century
Regions with significant populations
Old Prussian, later also German
Prussian mythology (Paganism)
Related ethnic groups
Other Prussians and Balts

The Sambians bordered the Natangians in the south, and the Nadruvians in the east.