Sandwood Bay (Scottish Gaelic: Bàgh Seannabhad)[1] is a natural bay in Sutherland, on the far north-west coast of mainland Scotland. It is best known for its remote 1-mile-long (1.6 km) beach and Am Buachaille, a sea stack, and lies about 5 miles (8 kilometres) south of Cape Wrath. Behind the bay's large dunes, stretches the freshwater Sandwood Loch.

Quick facts: Sandwood Bay Bàgh Shanabhait (Scotti...
Sandwood Bay
Bàgh Shanabhait (Scottish Gaelic)
Sandwood Bay – north view
Sandwood Bay
Location in Scotland
Coordinates: 58.5396°N 5.0623°W / 58.5396; -5.0623
Sandwood Bay – south view
Sandwood Bay

Though remote, and with no road access, the bay can be reached by a 4-mile (6-kilometre) path leading from the gravel car park at the hamlet of Blairmore. Sandwood Bay is part of the Sandwood Estate which is run by the John Muir Trust.[2] The beach is considered to be one of the cleanest and most unspoilt beaches in the whole of mainland Britain.

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