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Siege of Samarkand (1868)

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The siege of Samarkand was a military engagement fought in Samarkand, Uzbekistan in 1868 between the Russian Empire and a combined army of forces from the Bokharan Emirate, and several Uzbek tribes.[2] During the engagement, a Russian garrison successfully repelled multiple attempts by the besieging allied army to storm the city. The Russian victory solidified imperial control over the new state of Russian Turkestan, and caused the partial collapse of the Bukharan Emirate.

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Siege of Samarkand
Part of the Russian conquest of Bukhara
Painting, titled "Let them enter!", of Russian soldiers defending a breach in the walls at the Siege of Samarkand. Vasily Vereshchagin—who was commended for his heroism during the siege—painted the work in 1871 and went on to become a famous War artist.
Date12–18 June 1868
Result Russian victory[1]
Flag_of_Russia.svg Russian Empire Flag_of_the_Emirate_of_Bukhara.svg Bukhara Emirate
Flag_of_the_Turkestan_%28Kokand%29_Autonomy.svg Kokand Khanate
Turkmen Tribes
Commanders and leaders
Nikolai Nazarov
Baron of Shtempel
685[1] 25,000–55,000[1]
Casualties and losses
49 killed, 172 wounded[1] Heavy[1]