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The Siksika Nation (Blackfoot: Siksiká) is a First Nation in southern Alberta, Canada. The name Siksiká comes from the Blackfoot words sik (black) and iká (foot), with a connector s between the two words. The plural form of Siksiká is Siksikáwa. The Siksikáwa are the northernmost of the Niitsítapi (Original People), all of whom speak dialects of Blackfoot, an Algonquian language.

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Siksika Nation
Band No. 430
TreatyTreaty 7
Land area710.875 km2
Population (2020)[2]
On reserve4120
On other land2
Off reserve3412
Total population7534
ChiefOuray Crowfoot
Tribal Council[4]
Samuel Crowfoot, Ruben Breaker, Ike Solway, Kent Ayoungman, Carlin Black Rabbit, Kendall Panther Bone, Leon Crane Bear, Susan Solway, Jenny Goodin, and Tracy McHugh.

When European explorers travelled west, they most likely met the Siksiká first. The four Niitsítapi nations of the Blackfoot Confederacy are the Siksiká, Káínaa (Kainai or Blood), Aapátohsipikáni (Northern Peigan), and Aamsskáápipikani (South Peigan or Montana Blackfoot). The approximate population of the Siksika Nation, as of 2009, is 6,000 people.[5]