Spanish cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa

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Infanta María Teresa was the lead ship of her class of armoured cruiser constructed for the Spanish Navy. The ship fought at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish–American War.

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Infanta María Teresa, probably in 1895 at the opening ceremonies of the Kiel Canal in Germany
Armada Española EnsignSpain
NameInfanta María Teresa
NamesakeMaria Theresa of Spain
BuilderBilbao, Spain
Laid down1889
Launched30 August 1890
FateSunk 3 July 1898; captured and later refloated by the U.S. Navy, but lost in a storm while under tow.
General characteristics
Class and typeInfanta Maria Teresa-class armored cruiser
Displacement6,890 tons
Length364 ft 0 in (110.95 m)
Beam65 ft 2 in (19.86 m)
Draft21 ft 6 in (6.55 m) maximum
Installed power13,700 ihp (10,200 kW)
Propulsion2-shaft vertical triple expansion
Speed20.2 knots (37.4 km/h; 23.2 mph) forced draft
Complement484 officers and enlisted
  • 2 × 28 cm (11.0 in)/35 guns
  • 10 × 14 cm (5.5 in)/35 guns
  • 8 × 12-pounder quick-firing guns
  • 10 × 3-pounder Hotchkiss revolvers
  • 8 × Nordenfelt machine guns
  • 2 × Maxim machine guns
  • 8 × torpedo tubes (2 submerged)
  • Belt: 30.5–25.4 cm (12–10 in)
  • Barbettes: 22.9 cm (9 in)
  • Conning tower: 30.5 cm (12 in)
  • Deck: 5.1–7.6 cm (2–3 in)
Notes1,050 tons of coal (normal)
The wreck of Infanta Maria Teresa aground on the south coast of Cuba after the Battle of Santiago de Cuba