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The Nexus (later renamed The New Nexus in January 2011) was a villainous professional wrestling stable in WWE that competed on the Raw brand from June 7, 2010 to August 22, 2011, originally consisting of eight rookies of NXT season one and shifted their roster several times throughout their 14-month existence, with David Otunga being the only member to serve the group throughout the entirety of its existence. Their initial goal was to obtain WWE contracts for all members, with the exception of original leader Wade Barrett, who already had a WWE contract for winning the first season of NXT.

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The Nexus
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"You're either Nexus or you're against us!" – Motto under Wade Barrett
"Faith!" – Motto under CM Punk
Name(s)The Nexus (2010–2011)
The New Nexus (2011)
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DebutJune 7, 2010
(as The Nexus)
January 3, 2011
(as The New Nexus)
DisbandedDecember 27, 2010
(as The Nexus)
August 22, 2011
(as The New Nexus)
Years active2010–2011
2018 (reunion)

After NXT, the group went on to antagonize the Raw roster (and on two occasions the SmackDown roster), with then-WWE Champion John Cena as their main focus, who forcibly became a member of The Nexus after losing a match at Hell in a Cell thanks to outside interference. However, Cena was eventually removed from the group by being fired at Survivor Series after Barrett lost his WWE Championship match to Randy Orton in November 2010, only to be rehired by Barrett three weeks later, but only because Otunga gave Barrett an ultimatum—that either Barrett rehire Cena or he would be out of the group.

On the January 3, 2011 edition of Raw, Barrett was exiled from the group after losing a triple threat steel cage match against Orton and King Sheamus to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship as well as Barrett's leadership, which Barrett lost in favor of Punk after losing a chairs match at TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs in December 2010. CM Punk, who ended up costing Barrett the match, officially became the new leader, at which point the stable was renamed The New Nexus in an attempt to distance itself from The Nexus, becoming a tight-knit group dedicated to one another by faith. The group won the WWE Tag Team Championship three times—two of those under Barrett's leadership—while Punk won the WWE Championship in his final match with the stable at Money in the Bank on July 17, 2011. Today, only Barrett, Cena, Otunga and Wyatt are the former members of The Nexus employed with the WWE.