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The Trans-African Highway network comprises transcontinental road projects in Africa being developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the African Development Bank (ADB), and the African Union in conjunction with regional international communities. They aim to promote trade and alleviate poverty in Africa through highway infrastructure development and the management of road-based trade corridors. The total length of the nine highways in the network is 56,683 km (35,221 mi).

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Trans-African Highway network
Map of International TAH-road network
System information
Highway names
TAH 1Cairo-Dakar Highway
TAH 2Algiers–Lagos Highway
TAH 3Tripoli–Cape Town Highway
TAH 4Cairo-Cape Town Highway
TAH 5Dakar-Ndjamena Highway
TAH 6Ndjamena-Djibouti Highway
TAH 7Dakar-Lagos Highway
TAH 8Lagos-Mombasa Highway
TAH 9Beira-Lobito Highway

In some documents the highways are referred to as "Trans-African Corridors" or "Road Corridors" rather than highways. The name Trans-African Highway and its variants are not in wide common usage outside of planning and development circles, and as of 2014 one does not see them signposted as such or labelled on maps, except in Kenya and Uganda where the MombasaNairobiKampalaFort Portal section (or the Kampala–Kigali feeder road) of Trans-African Highway 8 is sometimes referred to as the "Trans-Africa Highway".