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The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA /jˈfə/ yoo-AY-fə; French: Union des associations européennes de football;[lower-alpha 1] German: Union der europäischen Fußballverbände)[lower-alpha 2] is one of six continental bodies of governance in association football. It governs football, futsal and beach football in Europe and the transcontinental countries of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan, as well as some Asian countries such as Israel, Cyprus and Armenia.[3] UEFA consists of 55 national association members. Because of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, FIFA and UEFA suspended all Russian national teams and clubs from any FIFA and UEFA competitions.[4]

Quick facts: Abbreviation, Formation, Founded at, Type, He...
Union of European Football Associations
Union des associations européennes de football (French)
Union der europäischen Fußballverbände (German)
Formation15 June 1954; 69 years ago (1954-06-15)
Founded atBasel, Switzerland
TypeFootball organisation
HeadquartersNyon, Switzerland
Coordinates46.371009°N 6.23103°E / 46.371009; 6.23103
Region served
55 full member associations
Official languages
(other main but not official: Italian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Spanish)[1]
Aleksander Čeferin[2]
First vice-president
Karl-Erik Nilsson
Zbigniew Boniek
David Gill
Gabriele Gravina
Armand Duka
Laura McAllister
General secretary
Theodore Theodoridis
Main organ
UEFA Congress
Parent organization

UEFA consists of the national football associations of Europe, and runs national and club competitions including the UEFA European Championship, UEFA Nations League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, and UEFA Super Cup, and also controls the prize money, regulations, as well as media rights to those competitions.

According to the UEFA official statutes (Article 4), the official languages are French, German and British English.

Henri Delaunay acted as the first general secretary and Ebbe Schwartz as the first president. The current president is Aleksander Čeferin, a former Football Association of Slovenia president, who was elected as UEFA's seventh president at the 12th Extraordinary UEFA Congress in Athens in September 2016, and automatically became a vice-president of the world body FIFA.[5]