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Union Army

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During the American Civil War, the United States Army, the land force that fought to preserve the collective Union of the states, was often referred to as the Union Army, the Federal Army or the Northern Army. It proved essential to the restoration and preservation of the United States as a working, viable republic.

Union private infantry uniform

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Union Army
Flag of the United States from 1863 until 1865 (35 states/stars)
CountryFlag_of_the_United_States_%281865%E2%80%931867%29.svg United States
Size2,128,948 (700,000 Peak)
Part ofU.S. Department of War
Colors  Dark Blue
MarchBattle Hymn of the Republic"
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Commander-in-ChiefPresident Abraham Lincoln (1861–1865)
President Andrew Johnson (1865)
Commanding GeneralMG Winfield Scott (1841–1861)
MG George B. McClellan (1861–1862)
MG Henry W. Halleck (1862–1864)
GA Ulysses S. Grant (1864–1869)[1]

The Union Army was made up of the permanent regular army of the United States, but further fortified, augmented, and strengthened by the many temporary units of dedicated volunteers, as well as including those who were drafted in to service as conscripts. To this end, the Union Army fought and ultimately triumphed over the efforts of the Confederate States Army.

Over the course of the war, 2,128,948 men enlisted in the Union Army,[2] including 178,895 colored troops; 25% of the white men who served were immigrants, and further 25% were first-generation Americans.[3] Of these soldiers, 596,670 were killed, wounded or went missing.[4] The initial call-up was for just three months, after which many of these men chose to reenlist for an additional three years.

Recruiting poster for the 1st Battalion New York Mounted Rifles