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Yang Guifei

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Yang Yuhuan (Chinese: 楊玉環; 22 June,[citation needed] 719 – 15 July 756[1]), often known as Yang Guifei (楊貴妃, with Guifei being the highest rank for imperial consorts during her time), and known briefly by the Taoist nun name Taizhen (太真),[2] was the beloved consort of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang during his later years. She is known as one of the Four Beauties of ancient China.

Quick facts: Imperial Consort Yang 楊貴妃, Born, Died, Burial...
Imperial Consort Yang
Yang Guifei, by Uemura Shoen, Shohaku Art Museum, Nara, Nara, Japan
BornYang Yuhuan (楊玉環)
22 June 719
Yongle, China
Died15 July 756(756-07-15) (aged 37)
Mawei Station, Xianyang, Shaanxi, China
Mawei Station, Xianyang, Shaanxi
(grave later not excavated)
SpouseLi Mao, Prince of Shou
Emperor Xuanzong of Tang
FatherYang Xuanyan
MotherLady of Liang
Quick facts: Yang Guifei, Traditional Chinese, Simpli...
Yang Guifei
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Literal meaningImperial Consort Yang
Yang Yuhuan
(personal name)
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

During the An Lushan Rebellion, as Emperor Xuanzong and his cortege were fleeing from the capital Chang'an to Chengdu, the emperor's guards demanded that he put Yang to death because they blamed the rebellion on her cousin Yang Guozhong and the rest of her family. The emperor capitulated and reluctantly ordered his attendant Gao Lishi to supervise her forced suicide.