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Liste de films britanniques sortis dans les années 1960

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Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
L'Académie des coquins Robert Hamer Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Alastair Sim Comédie
L'Aguicheuse (Beat Girl) Edmond T. Gréville David Farrar, Noëlle Adam, Christopher Lee Drame
Amants et Fils Jack Cardiff Trevor Howard, Dean Stockwell, Wendy Hiller, Mary Ure Drame
L'Amour en pilules Ralph Thomas Michael Craig, James Robertson Justice Comédie
And the Same to You George Pollock Brian Rix, William Hartnell Comédie
Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons (en) W. Lee Wilder George Sanders, Corinne Calvet Thriller
Bottoms Up Mario Zampi Jimmy Edwards, Arthur Howard Comédie
The Boy Who Stole a Million Charles Crichton Virgílio Teixeira, George Coulouris Comédie
Le Cabotin Tony Richardson Laurence Olivier, Roger Livesey, Joan Plowright, Alan Bates Drame John Osborne's adaption of his play
Chérie recommençons Stanley Donen Yul Brynner, Kay Kendall Comédie
A Circle of Deception Jack Lee Bradford Dillman, Suzy Parker War
Le Cirque des horreurs (Circus of Horrors) Sidney Hayers Anton Diffring, Erika Remberg Horreur
La Cité des morts John Llewellyn Moxey Venetia Stevenson, Christopher Lee Horreur
Cone of Silence Charles Frend Bernard Lee, Michael Craig, Peter Cushing Drame
Les Conspiratrices Ralph Thomas Lilli Palmer, Sylvia Syms Drame
Coulez le Bismarck ! Lewis Gilbert Kenneth More, Carl Möhner World War II Drame
Les Criminels Joseph Losey Stanley Baker, Sam Wanamaker, Jill Bennett Crime/Drame
Crossroads to Crime Gerry Anderson Anthony Oliver, Ferdy Mayne Crime/Thriller
Dead Lucky Montgomery Tully Vincent Ball, Betty McDowall Crime
Dentist in the Chair Don Chaffey Bob Monkhouse, Ronnie Stevens Comédie
Les Dents du diable Nicholas Ray Anthony Quinn, Peter O'Toole, Yoko Tani Drame
Depth Charge Jeremy Summers Alex McCrindle, David Orr Drame
Les Dessous de la millionnaire Anthony Asquith Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers Comédie
Les Deux Visages du Docteur Jekyll Terence Fisher Paul Massie, Dawn Addams Horreur
L'Enlèvement de David Balfour Robert Stevenson Peter Finch, James MacArthur, Bernard Lee Aventure
Escort for Hire Godfrey Grayson June Thorburn, Pete Murray Crime
Les Étrangleurs de Bombay Terence Fisher Guy Rolfe, Jan Holden Action
Faces in the Dark David Eady John Gregson, Mai Zetterling, John Ireland Crime Drame
Les Fanfares de la gloire Ronald Neame Alec Guinness, John Mills, Dennis Price Drame
Feet of Clay Frank Marshall Vincent Ball, Wendy Williams Crime
Follow That Horse! Alan Bromly David Tomlinson, Cecil Parker Comédie
Foxhole in Cairo John Llewellyn Moxey James Robertson Justice, Adrian Hoven War
A French Mistress Roy Boulting Cecil Parker, James Robertson Justice Comédie
The Gentle Trap Charles Saunders John Dunbar, Spencer Teakle Crime
Hand in Hand Philip Leacock Kathleen Byron, Finlay Currie Famille
The Hand Henry Cass Derek Bond, Reed De Rouen Horreur
His and Hers Brian Desmond Hurst Terry-Thomas, Janette Scott Comédie
Hold-up à Londres Basil Dearden Jack Hawkins, Nigel Patrick, Richard Attenborough Crime
Horizons sans frontières Fred Zinnemann Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum, Peter Ustinov Drame
The House in Marsh Road Montgomery Tully Tony Wright, Patricia Dainton Thriller
Identity Unknown Frank Marshall Richard Wyler, Pauline Yates Drame
L'Impasse aux violences John Gilling Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasence Horreur
The Impersonator Alfred Shaughnessy John Crawford, Jane Griffiths Mystery
In the Nick Ken Hughes Anthony Newley, James Booth Comédie
Inn for Trouble C.M. Pennington-Richards Peggy Mount, Leslie Phillips, David Kossoff Comédie Spin-off from The Larkins
Jackpot Montgomery Tully William Hartnell, Betty MacDowall Crime
Jazz Boat Ken Hughes Anthony Newley, Anne Aubrey Musical/Comédie
Le Jour où l'on dévalisa la banque d'Angleterre John Guillermin Aldo Ray, Elizabeth Sellars, Peter O'Toole Crime
Let's Get Married Peter Graham Scott Anthony Newley, Anne Aubrey Comédie/Drame
Life Is a Circus Val Guest Bud Flanagan, Teddy Knox Comédie
Light Up the Sky! Lewis Gilbert Ian Carmichael, Tommy Steele, Benny Hill Comédie
Linda Don Sharp Carol White, Alan Rothwell Teen Drame
Les Loustics à l'hosto Gerald Thomas Sid James, Kenneth Williams Comédie
Les Mains d'Orlac Edmond T. Gréville Mel Ferrer, Christopher Lee Thriller
Les Maîtresses de Dracula Terence Fisher Peter Cushing, Martita Hunt Horreur
Man in the Moon Basil Dearden Kenneth More, Shirley Anne Field Comédie
Man Who Couldn't Walk Henry Cass Eric Pohlmann, Peter Reynolds Drame
The Man Who Was Nobody Montgomery Tully Hazel Court, John Crawford Thriller
Le Monde de Suzie Wong Richard Quine William Holden, Nancy Kwan Romance
Never Take Sweets from a Stranger Cyril Frankel Patrick Allen, Gwen Watford, Felix Aylmer Drame
Night Train for Inverness Ernest Morris Norman Wooland, Jane Hylton, Dennis Waterman Drame
No Kidding Gerald Thomas Leslie Phillips, Geraldine McEwan Comédie
Norman dans la marine Robert Asher Norman Wisdom, Ian Hunter Comédie
Operation Cupid Charles Saunders Charles Farrell, Avice Landone Comédie
Oscar Wilde Gregory Ratoff Robert Morley, Ralph Richardson, John Neville Biopic
Le Paradis des monte-en-l'air Robert Day Peter Sellers, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Lionel Jeffries Comédie
Piccadilly Third Stop Wolf Rilla Terence Morgan, Yoko Tani Thriller
Les Procès d'Oscar Wilde Irving Allen Peter Finch, Lionel Jeffries, John Fraser Biopic Entered into the Festival international du film de Moscou 1961
The Pure Hell of St Trinian's Frank Launder Cecil Parker, Joyce Grenfell, George Cole, Thorley Walters Comédie
Quand gronde la colère John Guillermin Peter Sellers, Richard Todd, Elizabeth Sellars Crime Drame
The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film Richard Lester Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan Comédie Short film
Samedi soir, dimanche matin Karel Reisz Albert Finney, Shirley Anne Field, Rachel Roberts Drame Number 14 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute
Sands of the Desert John Paddy Carstairs Charlie Drake, Peter Arne Comédie
Le Serment de Robin des Bois Terence Fisher Richard Greene, Peter Cushing Aventure
Le Silence de la colère Guy Green Richard Attenborough, Pier Angeli Drame BAFTA winner, entered into Berlin
The Spider's Web Godfrey Grayson Glynis Johns, John Justin Mystery
Suspect John Boulting, Roy Boulting Tony Britton, Virginia Maskell Thriller
Tarzan le magnifique Robert Day Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney Aventure
A Terrible Beauty Tay Garnett Robert Mitchum, Richard Harris, Anne Heywood War
The Tell-Tale Heart Ernest Morris Laurence Payne, Adrienne Corri Horreur
There Was a Crooked Man Stuart Burge Norman Wisdom Comédie
Too Hot to Handle Terence Young Jayne Mansfield, Leo Genn, Karlheinz Böhm Thriller
Too Young to Love Muriel Box Pauline Hahn, Joan Miller, Thomas Mitchell Drame
Traitement de choc Val Guest Claude Dauphin, Diane Cilento, Françoise Rosay Drame based on the novel published in 1959
Transatlantic Ernest Morris Pete Murray, June Thorburn Crime
Trouble with Eve Francis Searle Hy Hazell, Robert Urquhart Crime
Un compte à régler John Gilling Jayne Mansfield, Anthony Quayle Crime
Un homme pour le bagne Val Guest Stanley Baker, Donald Pleasence, Billie Whitelaw Crime Drame
Un vison pour mademoiselle Robert Asher Terry-Thomas, Athene Seyler, Hattie Jacques Comédie
Urge to Kill Vernon Sewell Patrick Barr, Ruth Dunning Crime
Le Village des damnés Wolf Rilla George Sanders, Barbara Shelley, Michael Gwynn Sci-Fi
Le Voyeur Michael Powell Karlheinz Böhm, Anna Massey Thriller Number 78 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute
Watch Your Stern Gerald Thomas Kenneth Connor, Leslie Phillips Comédie
The Young Jacobites John Reeve Francesca Annis, Jeremy Bulloch Aventure


Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
Bomb in the High Street Peter Bezencenet and Terry Bishop Ronald Howard, Terry Palmer, Suzanna Leigh Drame
The Breaking Point Lance Comfort Peter Reynolds, Dermot Walsh Crime
Les Canons de Navarone J. Lee Thompson Gregory Peck, David Niven, Anthony Quinn World War II
Carry On Regardless Gerald Thomas Sid James, Kenneth Williams Comédie
Cash on Demand Quentin Lawrence Peter Cushing, André Morell Thriller
Le Cavalier noir Roy Ward Baker Dirk Bogarde, John Mills, Mylène Demongeot Western
Les Chevaliers du démon Robert S. Baker
Monty Berman
Keith Michell, Adrienne Corri, Peter Cushing Aventure
The Court Martial of Major Keller Ernest Morris Laurence Payne, Susan Stephen Drame
Dentist on the Job C.M. Pennington-Richards Kenneth Connor, Shirley Eaton Comédie
Les Diables du Sud Ken Annakin Richard Todd Aventure
Don't Bother to Knock Cyril Frankel Richard Todd, Nicole Maurey, Elke Sommer Comédie
Double Bunk C.M. Pennington-Richards Ian Carmichael, Sid James Comédie
During One Night Sidney J. Furie Don Borisenko, Susan Hampshire Drame
L'Enquête mystérieuse John Lemont Herbert Lom, Sean Connery Crime
Five Golden Hours Mario Zampi Ernie Kovacs, Cyd Charisse, George Sanders Comédie
Flammes dans la rue Roy Ward Baker John Mills, Sylvia Syms Drame
Freedom to Die Francis Searle Paul Maxwell, Felicity Young Crime
Les Gangsters Sidney Hayers Michael Craig, Françoise Prévost, Billie Whitelaw Crime
Girl on Approval Charles Frend Rachel Roberts, James Maxwell Drame
The Girl on the Boat Henry Kaplan Norman Wisdom, Millicent Martin Comédie
Gorgo Eugène Lourié Bill Travers, William Sylvester Sci-fi
The Green Helmet Michael Forlong Bill Travers, Ed Begley Drame
Highway to Battle Ernest Morris Gerard Heinz, Margaret Tyzack Drame
House of Mystery Vernon Sewell Peter Dyneley, Jane Hylton Horreur
Hurler de peur Seth Holt Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Christopher Lee Thriller
L'Île mystérieuse Cy Endfield Michael Craig, Joan Greenwood, Herbert Lom Sci Fi Aventure
The Impersonator Alfred Shaughnessy John Crawford, Jane Griffiths Mystery
Information Received Robert Lynn Sabine Sesselmann, William Sylvester Crime
Les Innocents Jack Clayton Deborah Kerr, Michael Redgrave, Peter Wyngarde, Megs Jenkins Horreur Entered into the Festival de Cannes 1962l
Invasion Quartet Jay Lewis Bill Travers, Spike Milligan Comédie
In the Doghouse Darcy Conyers Leslie Phillips, Peggy Cummins Comédie
Le Jour où la Terre prit feu Val Guest Edward Judd, Janet Munro, Leo McKern Sci Fi
Jungle Street Charles Saunders Jill Ireland, David McCallum, Kenneth Cope Crime
The Kitchen James Hill Carl Möhner, Mary Yeomans Drame
La Lame nue Michael Anderson Gary Cooper, Deborah Kerr Thriller
The Long and the Short and the Tall Leslie Norman Laurence Harvey, Richard Todd, Richard Harris World War II
Lunch Hour James Hill Shirley Anne Field, Robert Stephens Comédie
The Man in the Back Seat Vernon Sewell Derren Nesbitt, Carol White Crime
La Marque Guy Green Maria Schell, Stuart Whitman, Rod Steiger Drame
A Matter of WHO Don Chaffey Terry-Thomas, Sonja Ziemann Crime
Mr. Topaze Peter Sellers Peter Sellers, Nadia Gray, Herbert Lom Comédie
Le Narcisse jaune intrigue Scotland Yard Ákos Ráthonyi William Lucas, Christopher Lee Crime
Nearly a Nasty Accident Don Chaffey Jimmy Edwards, Kenneth Connor, Shirley Eaton Comédie
The Night We Got the Bird Darcy Conyers Brian Rix, Dora Bryan Comédie
Night Without Pity Theodore Zichy Sarah Lawson, Neil McCallum Crime
Non, ma fille, non ! Ralph Thomas Michael Redgrave, Michael Craig Comédie
Nothing Barred Darcy Conyers Brian Rix, Leo Franklyn Comédie
La Nuit du loup-garou Terence Fisher Clifford Evans, Oliver Reed Horreur
On the Fiddle Cyril Frankel Alfred Lynch, Sean Connery, Stanley Holloway Comédie/Action
Over the Odds Michael Forlong Marjorie Rhodes, Glenn Melvynn Comédie
Out of the Shadow Michael Winner Terence Longdon, Donald Gray Thriller
Partners in Crime Peter Duffell Bernard Lee, Stanley Morgan Crime
Part-Time Wife Max Varnel Anton Rodgers, Nyree Dawn Porter Comédie
Pas d'amour pour Johnny Ralph Thomas Peter Finch Drame Finch won the Silver Bear for Best Actor at Berlin
Passport to China Michael Carreras Richard Basehart, Lisa Gastoni Aventure
Petticoat Pirates David MacDonald Charlie Drake, Anne Heywood, Thorley Walters Comédie
Les Pirates de la nuit John Gilling Peter Cushing, Bernard Lee, Michèle Mercier Aventure
Pit of Darkness Lance Comfort William Franklyn, Moira Redmond Thriller
Le Prisonnier récalcitrant Ken Annakin James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips Comédie
The Queen's Guards Michael Powell Daniel Massey, Robert Stephens Drame
Rag Doll Lance Comfort Jess Conrad, Kenneth Griffith Crime
Raising the Wind Gerald Thomas James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips Comédie
The Rebel Robert Day Tony Hancock, George Sanders, Paul Massie Comédie
Return of a Stranger Max Varnel John Ireland, Susan Stephen, Cyril Shaps Thriller
Savage Guns Michael Carreras Richard Basehart Western co-produced with Spain
Scotland Yard contre X Basil Dearden Stewart Granger, Bernard Lee Crime
Le Secret de Monte-Cristo Monty Berman Rory Calhoun, Gianna Maria Canale Aventure
Seven Keys Pat Jackson Alan Dobie, Jeannie Carson, Delphi Lawrence, John Carson Crime
The Shadow of the Cat John Gilling Conrad Phillips, Barbara Shelley, André Morell Horreur
The Snake Woman Sidney J. Furie Susan Travers, John McCarthy Horreur
So Evil, So Young Godfrey Grayson Jill Ireland, Ellen Pollock Drame
Spare the Rod Leslie Norman Max Bygraves, Geoffrey Keen, Donald Pleasence Drame
A Story of David Bob McNaught Jeff Chandler, Basil Sydney Drame Co-production with Israel
Strip Tease Murder Ernest Morris John Hewer, Ann Lynn (en) Crime
The Third Alibi Montgomery Tully Laurence Payne, Patricia Dainton Thriller
Three on a Spree Sidney J. Furie Jack Watling, Carole Lesley, Renée Houston Comédie
Le Train de 16 h 50 George Pollock Margaret Rutherford, Stringer Davis Mystery
Two Living, One Dead Anthony Asquith Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers Thriller
Un goût de miel Tony Richardson Dora Bryan, Robert Stephens, Rita Tushingham Drame
Un si bel été Lewis Gilbert Kenneth More, Danielle Darrieux Drame
The Unstoppable Man Terry Bishop Cameron Mitchell, Marius Goring Drame
Le vent garde son secret Bryan Forbes Hayley Mills, Bernard Lee, Alan Bates Drame
La Victime Basil Dearden Dirk Bogarde, Dennis Price, Sylvia Syms Drame
Le Visage du plaisir José Quintero Vivien Leigh, Warren Beatty, Lotte Lenya Drame
Watch it, Sailor! Wolf Rilla Dennis Price, Liz Fraser Comédie
A Weekend with Lulu John Paddy Carstairs Bob Monkhouse, Leslie Phillips Comédie
What a Carve Up! Pat Jackson Sid James, Kenneth Connor Comédie
What a Whopper Gilbert Gunn Adam Faith, Sid James Comédie
The Wind of Change Vernon Sewell Donald Pleasence, Johnny Briggs, Ann Lynn (en) Drame
The Young Ones Sidney J. Furie Cliff Richard, Robert Morley Musical


Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
Accusé, levez-vous Basil Dearden Michael Craig, Patrick McGoohan Drame
Alerte sur le Vaillant Roy Ward Baker John Mills, Ettore Manni War
Ambush in Leopard Street J. Henry Piperno James Kenney, Michael Brennan Crime
The Amorous Prawn Anthony Kimmins Ian Carmichael, Joan Greenwood Comédie
Astronautes malgré eux Norman Panama Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Joan Collins Comédie
L'Attaque de San Cristobal John Gilling Kerwin Mathews, Glenn Corbett, Christopher Lee Action
The Barber of Stamford Hill Caspar Wrede John Bennett, Megs Jenkins Drame
La Belle des îles Ted Kotcheff James Mason, John Mills Comédie/Drame
Billy Budd Peter Ustinov Terence Stamp, Robert Ryan Drame BAFTA nominations
La Blonde de la station 6 Seth Holt Carroll Baker, Ian Bannen, Peter van Eyck Drame
Boy and Bicycle Ridley Scott Tony Scott Short film Not shown in theatres until 1997
The Boys Sidney J. Furie Richard Todd, Robert Morley Crime
The Brain Freddie Francis Anne Heywood, Peter van Eyck Crime
Breath of Life J. Henry Piperno George Moon, Larry Martyn Crime
The Cabinet of Caligari Roger Kay Glynis Johns, Dan O'Herlihy Drame
Carry On Cruising Gerald Thomas Sid James, Kenneth Williams Comédie
La Chambre indiscrète Bryan Forbes Leslie Caron, Tom Bell Drame
Choc en retour Robert Stevens Susan Hayward, Peter Finch Crime/Drame
The Cool Mikado Michael Winner Frankie Howerd, Stubby Kaye Musical
Crosstrap Robert Hartford-Davis Laurence Payne, Jill Adams Crime
Danger by My Side Charles Saunders Anthony Oliver, Maureen Connell Crime
Dead Man's Evidence Francis Searle Conrad Phillips, Jane Griffiths Drame
Le Défenseur ingénu James Hill Peter Sellers, Richard Attenborough Comédie
The Devil's Agent John Paddy Carstairs Peter van Eyck, Marianne Koch Drame
Dilemma Peter Maxwell Ingrid Hafner, Peter Halliday Thriller
Emergency Francis Searle Glyn Houston, Zena Walker Drame
Le Fantôme de l'Opéra Terence Fisher Herbert Lom, Heather Sears, Michael Gough Horreur
Le Fascinant Capitaine Clegg Peter Graham Scott Peter Cushing, Yvonne Romain Horreur
Fate Takes a Hand Max Varnel Ronald Howard, Christina Gregg Drame
Les Femmes du général John Guillermin Peter Sellers, Dany Robin Comédie
The Fur Collar Lawrence Huntington John Bentley, Martin Benson Thriller
Gaolbreak Francis Searle Peter Reynolds, Avice Landone Drame
Go to Blazes Michael Truman Dave King, Robert Morley, Dennis Price Comédie
The Golden Rabbit David MacDonald Timothy Bateson, Willoughby Goddard Comédie
Hair of the Dog Terry Bishop Reginald Beckwith, Dorinda Stevens Comédie
L'Homme qui aimait la guerre Philip Leacock Steve McQueen, Robert Wagner War
In the Doghouse Darcy Conyers Leslie Phillips, Peggy Cummins Comédie
L'Inspecteur Philip Dunne Stephen Boyd, Dolores Hart Drame
The Iron Maiden Gerald Thomas Michael Craig, Anne Helm Comédie
It's Trad, Dad! Richard Lester Helen Shapiro, Craig Douglas Musical
James Bond 007 contre Dr No Terence Young Sean Connery, Joseph Wiseman, Ursula Andress Espionnage /Action The first James Bond film. Number 41 in the BFI Top 100 British films
Jigsaw Val Guest Jack Warner, Ronald Lewis Crime
Lawrence d'Arabie David Lean Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif Historical Biography Number 3 in the BFI Top 100 British films. Winner of seven Academy Awards
Le Limier de Scotland Yard Robert Asher Norman Wisdom, Raymond Huntley Comédie
Live Now - Pay Later Jay Lewis Ian Hendry, June Ritchie Thriller
Locker 69 Norman Harrison Eddie Byrne, Paul Daneman, Edward Underdown Crime
Lolita Stanley Kubrick James Mason, Shelley Winters, Sue Lyon Drame / Romance
Ma douce tigresse Ken Annakin Leslie Phillips, Stanley Baxter, Julie Christie Comédie
The Main Attraction Daniel Petrie Pat Boone, Nancy Kwan, Mai Zetterling Drame
La Merveilleuse Anglaise Ken Annakin Stanley Baxter, Julie Christie Comédie
Masters of Venus Ernest Morris Norman Wooland, Mandy Harper Sci-fi serial film
Mix Me a Person Leslie Norman Anne Baxter, Donald Sinden, Adam Faith Crime/Drame
Mot de passe : courage Andrew L. Stone Dirk Bogarde, Maria Perschy, Alfred Lynch World War II
Mrs. Gibbons' Boys Max Varnel Kathleen Harrison, Lionel Jeffries Comédie
Les Mutinés du Téméraire Lewis Gilbert Alec Guinness, Dirk Bogarde Drame
Night of the Eagle Sidney Hayers Peter Wyngarde, Janet Blair Horreur
The Night of the Prowler Francis Searle Patrick Holt, Colette Wilde Thriller
On n'y joue qu'à deux Sidney Gilliat Peter Sellers, Mai Zetterling Comédie
Operation Snatch Robert Day Terry-Thomas, George Sanders Comédie
Our Man in the Caribbean Carlos Thompson, Diana Rigg, Tracy Reed, Shirley Eaton Action Television episodes of Ce sentimental M. Varela pieced together
Out of the Fog Montgomery Tully David Sumner, Susan Travers Crime
The Painted Smile Lance Comfort Liz Fraser, Kenneth Griffith Thriller
A Pair of Briefs Ralph Thomas Michael Craig, Mary Peach Comédie
Play It Cool Michael Winner Billy Fury, Dennis Price Musical
The Playboy of the Western World Brian Desmond Hurst Gary Raymond, Siobhán McKenna Comédie
La Polka des poisons George Pollock Terry-Thomas, Eric Sykes Comédie
Postman's Knock Robert Lynn Spike Milligan, Barbara Shelley Comédie
The Pot Carriers Peter Graham Scott Ronald Fraser, Paul Massie Comédie
Private Potter Casper Wrede Tom Courtenay, Mogens Wieth Drame
A Prize of Arms Cliff Owen Stanley Baker, Tom Bell Crime
The Quare Fellow Arthur Dreifuss Patrick McGoohan, Sylvia Syms Drame
Reach for Glory Philip Leacock Harry Andrews, Kay Walsh Drame
La Révolte des Triffides Steve Sekely Howard Keel, Kieron Moore, Janette Scott Sci-Fi
Sept heures avant la frontière Anthony Asquith David Niven, Leslie Caron Drame
Serena Peter Maxwell Patrick Holt, Emrys Jones, Honor Blackman Crime
She Knows Y'Know Montgomery Tully Hylda Baker, Cyril Smith Comédie
She'll Have to Go Robert Asher Bob Monkhouse, Alfred Marks Comédie
La Solitude du coureur de fond Tony Richardson Tom Courtenay, Michael Redgrave, Alec McCowen Drame Number 61 in the BFI Top 100 British films
Solo for Sparrow Gordon Flemyng Yvonne Buckingham, Michael Caine Crime
Some People Clive Donner Kenneth More, Ray Brooks Drame
The Spanish Sword Ernest Morris Ronald Howard, June Thorburn Aventure
Stork Talk Michael Forlong Tony Britton, Anne Heywood Comédie
Stranglehold Lawrence Huntington Macdonald Carey, Barbara Shelley Action
Tarnished Heroes Ernest Morris Dermot Walsh, Anton Rodgers War
Tarzan aux Indes John Guillermin Jock Mahoney, Leo Gordon Aventure Co-production with Switzerland and US
Three Spare Wives Ernest Morris Susan Stephen, John Hewer Comédie
Tout au long de la nuit Basil Dearden Richard Attenborough Drame/Music Updated retelling of Othello
Twice Round the Daffodils Gerald Thomas Juliet Mills, Donald Sinden Comédie/Drame
Two and Two Make Six Freddie Francis George Chakiris, Janette Scott Comédie
Two Letter Alibi Robert Lynn Peter Williams, Petra Davies Crime
Un amour pas comme les autres John Schlesinger Alan Bates, June Ritchie, Thora Hird Drame Ours d'or winner at Berlin
Le Verdict Peter Glenville Laurence Olivier, Simone Signoret Drame
The Very Edge Cyril Frankel Anne Heywood, Richard Todd Drame
Village of Daughters George Pollock Eric Sykes, John Le Mesurier Comédie
We Joined the Navy Wendy Toye Kenneth More, Lloyd Nolan Comédie
What Every Woman Wants Ernest Morris James Fox, Hy Hazell Comédie
The Wild and the Willing Ralph Thomas Virginia Maskell, Ian McShane Drame


Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
80,000 Suspects Val Guest Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson Drame
À neuf heures de Rama Mark Robson Horst Buchholz, José Ferrer Historical Drame
Au bord du goufre Basil Dearden Dirk Bogarde, Mary Ure Drame
Le Baiser du vampire Don Sharp Clifford Evans, Edward de Souza Horreur
The Bay of St. Michel John Ainsworth Keenan Wynn, Mai Zetterling Aventure
Billy le menteur John Schlesinger Tom Courtenay, Julie Christie, Wilfred Pickles Drame Number 76 in the BFI Top 100 British films
Bitter Harvest Peter Graham Scott Janet Munro, John Stride Drame
Blind Corner Lance Comfort William Sylvester, Barbara Shelley Thriller
Bons baisers de Russie Terence Young Sean Connery, Lotte Lenya, Robert Shaw Espionnage /Action
The Break Lance Comfort Tony Britton, William Lucas Crime
Calculated Risk Norman Harrison William Lucas, John Rutland Crime
Call Me Bwana Gordon Douglas Bob Hope, Anita Ekberg Comédie
Carry On Cabby Gerald Thomas Sid James, Kenneth Williams Comédie
Carry On Jack Gerald Thomas Kenneth Williams, Bernard Cribbins Comédie
Children of the Damned Anton M. Leader Ian Hendry, Alan Badel Horreur
Clash by Night Montgomery Tully Terence Longdon, Jennifer Jayne Crime
Cléopâtre Joseph L. Mankiewicz Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison Drame Co-production with the United States
Come Fly with Me Henry Levin Dolores Hart, Hugh O'Brian Comédie
Le Concierge Clive Donner Alan Bates, Donald Pleasence, Robert Shaw Drame Ours d'argent à Berlin
The Cracksman Peter Graham Scott Charlie Drake, Nyree Dawn Porter Comédie
Les Damnés Joseph Losey Macdonald Carey, Oliver Reed, Alexander Knox Sci Fi
Death Drums Along the River Lawrence Huntington Richard Todd, Marianne Koch Aventure Version of Sanders of the River
Le Deuxième Homme Carol Reed Laurence Harvey, Lee Remick, Alan Bates Drame
Doctor in Distress Ralph Thomas Dirk Bogarde, James Robertson Justice Comédie
Echo of Diana Ernest Morris Vincent Ball, Betty McDowall Drame
L'Étrange Mort de Miss Gray Michael Truman Ian Hendry, Ronald Fraser Detective
Father Came Too! Peter Graham Scott James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips Comédie
Heavens Above! John Boulting, Roy Boulting Peter Sellers, Bernard Miles Comédie
The Hi-Jackers Jim O'Connolly Antony Booth, Jacqueline Ellis Crime
The Horreur of It All Terence Fisher Pat Boone, Erica Rogers Comédie/Horreur
Hôtel international Anthony Asquith Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Louis Jourdan Drame
I Could Go On Singing Ronald Neame Judy Garland, Dirk Bogarde Musical
Impact Peter Maxwell Conrad Phillips, George Pastell Thriller
Incident at Midnight Norman Harrison Anton Diffring, William Sylvester Crime Part of the Edgar Wallace series
L'Indic Ken Annakin Nigel Patrick, Margaret Whiting Crime
It's All Happening Don Sharp Tommy Steele, Michael Medwin Musical
It's All Over Town Douglas Hickox Lance Percival, Frankie Vaughan Musical
Jason et les Argonautes Don Chaffey Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kovack Fantasy/Aventure
Ladies Who Do C.M. Pennington-Richards Peggy Mount, Harry H. Corbett Comédie
Lancelot chevalier de la reine Cornel Wilde Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace Aventure
Live It Up! Lance Comfort David Hemmings, Jennifer Moss Musical
La Maison du diable Robert Wise Julie Harris, Claire Bloom Thriller
Man in the Middle Guy Hamilton Robert Mitchum, France Nuyen War
The Man Who Finally Died Quentin Lawrence Stanley Baker, Peter Cushing Thriller
Maniac Michael Carreras Kerwin Mathews, Nadia Gray Thriller
The Marked One Francis Searle William Lucas, Zena Walker, Patrick Jordan Crime
A Matter of Choice Vernon Sewell Anthony Steel, Jeanne Moody Drame
Meurtre au galop George Pollock Margaret Rutherford, Stringer Davis Mystery
Mystery Submarine C.M. Pennington-Richards Edward Judd, James Robertson Justice Action
Nurse on Wheels Gerald Thomas Juliet Mills, Ronald Lewis, Joan Sims Comédie
Offbeat Cliff Owen William Sylvester, Mai Zetterling Crime
The Old Dark House William Castle Tom Poston, Robert Morley Mystery
Paranoiac Freddie Francis Janette Scott, Oliver Reed Thriller
A Place to Go Basil Dearden Bernard Lee, Rita Tushingham Crime
Le Prix d'un homme Lindsay Anderson Richard Harris, Rachel Roberts, Alan Badel, William Hartnell Drame Number 52 in the BFI Top 100 British films
The Punch and Judy Man Jeremy Summers Tony Hancock, Sylvia Syms, Ronald Fraser Comédie
The Runaway Tony Young Greta Gynt, Alex Gallier Thriller
Sa Majesté des mouches Peter Brook James Aubrey, Tom Chapin Drame
Sammy Going South Alexander Mackendrick Edward G. Robinson, Fergus McClelland, Constance Cummings Drame Entered into the 3rd Moscow International Film Festival
The Scarlet Blade John Gilling Oliver Reed, Lionel Jeffries Aventure
The Servant Joseph Losey Dirk Bogarde, Sarah Miles, Wendy Craig, James Fox Drame Number 22 in the BFI Top 100 British films
Shadow of Fear Ernest Morris Paul Maxwell, Clare Owen Drame
The Sicilians Ernest Morris Robert Hutton, Reginald Marsh (en) Thriller
Le Siège des Saxons Nathan Juran Janette Scott, Ronald Lewis Aventure
Silent Playground Stanley Goulder Roland Curram, Desmond Llewelyn Thriller
The Small World of Sammy Lee Ken Hughes Anthony Newley, Julia Foster Drame
Solo pour une blonde Roy Rowland Mickey Spillane, Shirley Eaton Crime
La Souris sur la Lune Richard Lester Margaret Rutherford, Ron Moody, Bernard Cribbins Comédie
Sparrers Can't Sing Joan Littlewood James Booth, Barbara Windsor, Roy Kinnear Comédie
Stolen Hours Daniel Petrie Susan Hayward, Michael Craig, Edward Judd Drame
A Stitch in Time Robert Asher Norman Wisdom, Edward Chapman Comédie
Strictly for the Birds Vernon Sewell Tony Tanner, Joan Sims Comédie
Summer Holiday Peter Yates Cliff Richard, Lauri Peters Musical
The Switch Peter Maxwell Anthony Steel, Zena Marshall Crime
Tamahine Philip Leacock Nancy Kwan, John Fraser Comédie
Tarzan's Three Challenges Robert Day Jock Mahoney, Woody Strode Aventure Co-production with the United States
That Kind of Girl Gerry O'Hara Margaret Rose Keil, David Weston, Linda Marlowe Drame
To Have and to Hold Herbert Wise Ray Barrett, Katharine Blake Crime
Tom Jones Tony Richardson Albert Finney, Susannah York, Hugh Griffith, Edith Evans Comédie Number 51 in the BFI Top 100 British films. Winner of four Academy Award's including Best Picture.
Two Left Feet Roy Ward Baker Michael Crawford, Nyree Dawn Porter Comédie
Uncle Vanya Stuart Burge Laurence Olivier, Joan Plowright, Michael Redgrave TragiComédie
The Very Edge Cyril Frankel Anne Heywood, Richard Todd Drame
West 11 Michael Winner Alfred Lynch, Kathleen Breck Crime
What a Crazy World Michael Carreras Joe Brown, Susan Maughan Musical
The Wild Affair John Krish Nancy Kwan, Gladys Morgan Comédie
The World Ten Times Over Wolf Rilla Sylvia Syms, Edward Judd Drame
The Wrong Arm of the Law Cliff Owen Peter Sellers, Lionel Jeffries Comédie
The Yellow Teddy Bears Robert Hartford-Davis Jacqueline Ellis, Jill Adams Drame


Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
The 7th Dawn Lewis Gilbert William Holden, Susannah York Aventure
L'Ange pervers Ken Hughes Laurence Harvey, Kim Novak Drame Third screen adaptation of the Somerset Maugham novel
The Bargee Duncan Wood Harry H. Corbett, Hugh Griffith, Eric Sykes, Ronnie Barker Comédie
The Beauty Jungle Val Guest Ian Hendry, Janette Scott Comédie/Drame
Becket Peter Glenville Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud Drame
The Black Torment Robert Hartford-Davis John Turner (en), Heather Sears Horreur
Carry on Cleo Gerald Thomas Sid James, Kenneth Williams Comédie
Carry On Spying Gerald Thomas Kenneth Williams, Barbara Windsor Comédie
Coast of Skeletons Robert Lynn Richard Todd, Dale Robertson Aventure
The Comédie Man Alvin Rakoff Kenneth More, Cecil Parker, Dennis Price Drame
Crooks in Cloisters Jeremy Summers Ronald Fraser, Barbara Windsor Comédie
Daylight Robbery Michael Truman Trudy Moors, Janet Hannington Crime
Delayed Flight Michael Luckwell, Anthony Young Helen Cherry, Hugh McDermott Thriller
Dernière Mission à Nicosie Ralph Thomas Dirk Bogarde, George Chakiris, Susan Strasberg Thriller
Devil Doll Lindsay Shonteff Bryant Haliday, William Sylvester Horreur
Do You Know This Voice? Frank Nesbitt Dan Duryea, Isa Miranda Crime
Docteur Folamour Stanley Kubrick Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden Black Comédie
Dr. Crippen Robert Lynn Donald Pleasence, Samantha Eggar Drame
Les Drakkars Jack Cardiff Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier Aventure
The Earth Dies Screaming Terence Fisher Willard Parker, Virginia Field, Dennis Price Sci-fi
East of Sudan Nathan Juran Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms Aventure
L'Empreinte de Frankenstein Freddie Francis Peter Cushing, Sandor Eles Horreur
The Eyes of Annie Jones Reginald Le Borg Richard Conte, Francesca Annis Mystery
La Femme de paille Basil Dearden Gina Lollobrigida, Sean Connery, Ralph Richardson Mystery
La Fille aux yeux verts Desmond Davis Peter Finch, Rita Tushingham Drame
Five Have a Mystery to Solve Ernest Morris David Palmer, Darryl Read Famille
La Force des ténèbres Karel Reisz Albert Finney, Susan Hampshire Thriller Entered into the 14th Berlin International Film Festival
French Dressing Ken Russell James Booth, Marisa Mell Comédie
Frozen Alive Bernard Knowles Mark Stevens, Marianne Koch Sci-fi
Goldfinger Guy Hamilton Sean Connery, Honor Blackman, Gert Fröbe Espionnage /Action Number 70 in the BFI Top 100 British films
The Gorgon Terence Fisher Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee Horreur
Guns at Batasi John Guillermin Richard Attenborough, Jack Hawkins Drame
A Hard Day's Night Richard Lester The Beatles Musical, Comédie Number 88 in the BFI Top 100 British films
Hide and Seek Cy Endfield Ian Carmichael, Curd Jürgens Action
A Home of Your Own Jay Lewis Ronnie Barker, George Benson Comédie
Hot Enough for June Ralph Thomas Dirk Bogarde, Robert Morley Comédie
A Jolly Bad Fellow Don Chaffey Leo McKern, Janet Munro Comédie
Lady détective entre en scène George Pollock Margaret Rutherford, Stringer Davis Mystery
The Leather Boys Sidney J. Furie Rita Tushingham, Dudley Sutton Drame
Life in Danger Terry Bishop Derren Nesbitt, Julie Hopkins Crime
Les Maléfices de la momie Michael Carreras Terence Morgan, Ronald Howard Horreur
Le Mangeur de citrouilles Jack Clayton Anne Bancroft, Peter Finch, James Mason Drame Bancroft won the Oscar de la meilleure actrice at the Festival de Cannes 1964
Le Masque de la mort rouge Roger Corman Vincent Price, Hazel Court Horreur
Master Spy Montgomery Tully Stephen Murray, June Thorburn Espionage
Mission 633 Walter Grauman Cliff Robertson, George Chakiris World War II Drame
Mister Moses Ronald Neame Robert Mitchum, Carroll Baker Comédie-Aventure
Mystère sur la falaise Ronald Neame John Mills, Deborah Kerr, Hayley Mills Drame
Never Put It in Writing Andrew L. Stone Pat Boone, Milo O'Shea, John Le Mesurier Comédie
Nightmare Freddie Francis Moira Redmond, Jennie Linden Thriller
Night Train to Paris Robert Douglas Leslie Nielsen, Aliza Gur Thriller
Nothing But the Best Clive Donner Alan Bates, Denholm Elliott, Harry Andrews Comédie
One Way Pendulum Peter Yates Eric Sykes, George Cole Comédie
Passage à tabac George Pollock Margaret Rutherford, Stringer Davis Mystery
Les Pirates du diable Don Sharp Christopher Lee, Barry Warren Aventure
Pour l'exemple Joseph Losey Dirk Bogarde, Tom Courtenay Drame
Les Premiers Hommes dans la Lune Nathan Juran Lionel Jeffries, Edward Judd Sci Fi/Fantasy
Psyche 59 Alexander Singer Curd Jürgens, Patricia Neal Drame
Rattle of a Simple Man Muriel Box Diane Cilento, Harry H. Corbett Comédie
Ring of Spies Robert Tronson Bernard Lee, William Sylvester Espionnage
La Rolls-Royce jaune Anthony Asquith Rex Harrison, Jeanne Moreau, Alain Delon Drame Film with 3 episodes, set in London, Naples and Yugoslavia.
Saturday Night Out Robert Hartford-Davis Heather Sears, Bernard Lee Comédie/Drame
The Scarlet Blade John Gilling Jack Hedley, Oliver Reed, Lionel Jeffries Action
Séance on a Wet Afternoon Bryan Forbes Kim Stanley, Richard Attenborough Crime/Drame
The Secret of Blood Island Quentin Lawrence Jack Hedley, Barbara Shelley War
Smokescreen Jim O'Connolly Peter Vaughan, John Carson, Yvonne Romain Crime/Drame
The System Michael Winner Oliver Reed, Jane Merrow Drame
The Third Secret Charles Crichton Stephen Boyd, Jack Hawkins Drame
This Is My Street Sidney Hayers Ian Hendry, June Ritchie Drame
The Three Lives of Thomasina Don Chaffey Patrick McGoohan, Karen Dotrice Famille Co-production with the United States
La Tombe de Ligeia Roger Corman Vincent Price, Elizabeth Shepherd Horreur
Tomorrow at Ten Lance Comfort John Gregson, Robert Shaw, Alec Clunes Thriller
Traitor's Gate Freddie Francis Albert Lieven, Gary Raymond Crime Co-production with West Germany. Also known as Das Verrätertor
Troubled Waters Stanley Goulder Tab Hunter, Zena Walker Crime
Victim Five Robert Lynn Lex Barker, Ronald Fraser Action
We Shall See Quentin Lawrence Maurice Kaufmann, Faith Brook Drame
Witchcraft Don Sharp Lon Chaney, Jr., Jack Hedley Horreur
Wonderful Life Sidney J. Furie Cliff Richard, Susan Hampshire Musical
Zorba le Grec Michael Cacoyannis Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates Aventure Co-production with U.S. and Greece
Zoulou Cy Endfield Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins, Michael Caine Historical Michael Caine's first starring role. Number 31 in the BFI Top 100 British films


Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
ABC contre Hercule Poirot Frank Tashlin Tony Randall, Anita Ekberg, Robert Morley Mystery
Aux postes de combat James B. Harris Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier Thriller
L'aventure est au large Richard Thorpe Hayley Mills, John Mills, James MacArthur Aventure
Les Aventures amoureuses de Moll Flanders Terence Young Kim Novak, Richard Johnson Comédie
La Bataille de la Villa Fiorita Delmer Daves Maureen O'Hara, Richard Todd Drame
Be My Guest Lance Comfort David Hemmings, Avril Angers Musical
The Big Job Gerald Thomas Sid James, Sylvia Syms, Dick Emery Comédie
Bunny Lake a disparu Otto Preminger Laurence Olivier, Carol Lynley, Noël Coward Mystery/Thriller
Carry On Cowboy Gerald Thomas Sid James, Kenneth Williams Comédie
Catacombs Gordon Hessler Gary Merrill, Georgina Cookson Horreur
Ces merveilleux fous volants dans leurs drôles de machines Ken Annakin Stuart Whitman, Sarah Miles, James Fox Comédie
La Cité sous la mer Jacques Tourneur Vincent Price, David Tomlinson, Tab Hunter Sci-fi / Aventure
La Colline des hommes perdus Sidney Lumet Sean Connery, Harry Andrews World War II/Drame
Confession à un cadavre Seth Holt Bette Davis, Wendy Craig Drame
The Crooked Road Don Chaffey Robert Ryan, Stewart Granger Thriller
Cup Fever David Bracknell Bernard Cribbins, David Lodge Sports/Famille
Curse of Simba Lindsay Shonteff Bryant Halliday, Dennis Price Horreur
Cyclone à la Jamaïque Alexander Mackendrick Anthony Quinn, James Coburn Aventure
Darling John Schlesinger Julie Christie, Laurence Harvey, Dirk Bogarde Drame Number 83 in the BFI Top 100 British films. Winner of three Oscars du cinéma and an award at Moscow
La Déesse de feu Robert Day Ursula Andress, Peter Cushing, John Richardson Aventure Based on the novel by H. Rider Haggard
Devils of Darkness Lance Comfort William Sylvester, Carole Gray Horreur
Les Dix Petits Indiens George Pollock Shirley Eaton, Stanley Holloway, Wilfrid Hyde-White Mystery
Le Docteur Jivago David Lean Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Rod Steiger Drame Number 27 in the BFI Top 100 British films. Winner of five Oscars du cinéma
Dr. Terror's House of Horreurs Freddie Francis Christopher Lee, Max Adrian Horreur
Dr. Who and the Daleks Gordon Flemyng Peter Cushing, Roy Castle, Jenny Linden Science-fiction
The Early Bird Robert Asher Norman Wisdom, Edward Chapman, Bryan Pringle Comédie
L'Espion qui venait du froid Martin Ritt Richard Burton, Claire Bloom, Oskar Werner Espionnage, thriller
Every Day's a Holiday James Hill John Leyton, Michael Sarne Musical/Comédie
Fanatic Silvio Narizzano Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers Horreur
Ferry Cross the Mersey Jeremy Summers Gerry Marsden, Cilla Black, Jimmy Savile Musical
Four in the Morning Anthony Simmons Ann Lynn (en), Brian Phelan, Judi Dench, Norman Rodway, Joe Melia, Drame BAFTA Film Award
Game for Three Losers Gerry O'Hara Michael Gough, Mark Eden Drame
Genghis Khan Henry Levin Stephen Boyd, Omar Sharif Historical Co-production
Gonks Go Beat Robert Hartford-Davis Kenneth Connor, Frank Thornton, Lulu Sci-fi/Musical
He Who Rides a Tiger Charles Crichton Tom Bell, Judi Dench, Paul Rogers Crime Drame
Help! Richard Lester The Beatles Musical/Comédie
Les Héros de Télémark Anthony Mann Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris World War II
Hysteria Freddie Francis Robert Webber, Jennifer Jayne Thriller
The Intelligence Men Robert Asher Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise Espionnage Comédie
Invasion Alan Bridges Edward Judd, Valerie Gearon Sci-fi
Ipcress, danger immédiat Sidney J. Furie Michael Caine, Nigel Green, Sue Lloyd Espionnage /Thriller Number 59 in the BFI Top 100 British films
Le Jeune Cassidy Jack Cardiff Rod Taylor, Julie Christie, Maggie Smith, Michael Redgrave Drame
Joey Boy Frank Launder Harry H. Corbett, Stanley Baxter Comédie
Le Knack... et comment l'avoir Richard Lester Michael Crawford, Rita Tushingham Comédie Won the Palme d'Or at the 1965 Cannes Film Festival
Lady L Peter Ustinov Sophia Loren, Paul Newman, David Niven Comédie
Licensed to Kill Lindsay Shonteff Tom Adams, John Arnatt, Peter Bull Espionnage Comédie/Thriller
Life at the Top Ted Kotcheff Laurence Harvey, Jean Simmons Drame
Le Liquidateur Jack Cardiff Rod Taylor, Trevor Howard, Jill St. John, David Tomlinson Espionnage Comédie Thriller
The Little Ones Jim O'Connolly Carl Gonzales, Kim Smith Famille
Lord Jim Richard Brooks Peter O'Toole, James Mason, Eli Wallach Drame/Aventure
La Malédiction de la mouche Don Sharp Brian Donlevy, George Baker Horreur
Le Masque de Fu-Manchu Don Sharp Christopher Lee, Nigel Green Thriller
Masquerade Basil Dearden Cliff Robertson, Jack Hawkins Comédie/Thriller
The Murder Game Sidney Salkow Marla Landi, Ken Scott (en) Crime
The Night Caller John Gilling John Saxon, Alfred Burke, Maurice Denham, Warren Mitchell Horreur
L'Obsédé William Wyler Terence Stamp, Samantha Eggar Drame
Opération Crossbow Michael Anderson George Peppard, Sophia Loren, Trevor Howard Espionnage /Thriller
Opération Tonnerre Terence Young Sean Connery, Claudine Auger, Adolfo Celi Espionnage /Action
Othello Stuart Burge Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Frank Finlay Literary Drame
The Party's Over Guy Hamilton Oliver Reed, Eddie Albert Drame
Passeport pour l'oubli Val Guest David Niven, Françoise Dorléac Espionnage Thriller
The Pleasure Girls Gerry O'Hara Francesca Annis, Ian McShane, Klaus Kinski Drame
Promise Her Anything Arthur Hiller Warren Beatty, Leslie Caron Comédie
Le Rebelle de Kandahar John Gilling Ronald Lewis, Oliver Reed Colonial Aventure
Repulsion Roman Polanski Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser Thriller Won the Jury Prize at the 15th Berlin International Film Festival
Return from the Ashes J. Lee Thompson Maximilian Schell, Samantha Eggar Thriller
The Return of Mr. Moto Ernest Morris Henry Silva, Terence Longdon Thriller
Rotten to the Core John Boulting Anton Rodgers, Charlotte Rampling, Eric Sykes Comédie
Les Sables du Kalahari Cy Endfield Stuart Whitman, Stanley Baker, Susannah York Aventure
San Ferry Ann Jeremy Summers Wilfrid Brambell, David Lodge Comédie
Sauve qui peut John Boorman Dave Clark, Julian Holloway Drame/Comédie Boorman's first film as director
Scruggs David Hart Susannah York, Ben Carruthers Drame
Le Secret de la liste rouge (Mozambique) Ralph Lynn Hildegard Knef, Paul Hubschmid Drame
The Secret of My Success Andrew L. Stone James Booth, Shirley Jones Comédie
Shakespeare Wallah James Ivory Felicity Kendal, Shashi Kapoor, Madhur Jaffrey Drame
Sherlock Holmes contre Jack l'Éventreur James Hill John Neville, Donald Houston, John Fraser Mystery
The Skull Freddie Francis Peter Cushing, Patrick Wymark Horreur
Spaceflight IC-1 Bernard Knowles Bill Williams, Kathleen Breck Sci-fi
Three Hats for Lisa Sidney Hayers Joe Brown, Sophie Hardy, Una Stubbs Comédie
The Uncle Desmond Davis Rupert Davies, Brenda Bruce Drame
Up from the Beach Robert Parrish Cliff Robertson, Red Buttons War Co-production with US
Up Jumped a Swagman Christopher Miles Frank Ifield, Annette Andre, Suzy Kendall Comédie/Musical
Walk a Tightrope Frank Nesbitt Dan Duryea, Patricia Owens Crime
The War Game Peter Watkins Michael Aspel Docu-Drame Made for TV though released in cinemas
Wholly Communion Peter Whitehead Allen Ginsberg, Adrian Mitchell Documentary short
You Must Be Joking! Michael Winner Lionel Jeffries, Terry-Thomas Comédie


Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
Alfie le dragueur Lewis Gilbert Michael Caine, Shelley Winters, Millicent Martin, Vivien Merchant Comédie Number 33 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute and won the Jury Special Prize at the Festival de Cannes 1966
Alice in Wonderland Jonathan Miller Peter Sellers Fantasy
Blow-Up Michelangelo Antonioni David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Miles Mystery Number 60 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute. Palme d'or winner
Carry On Screaming! Gerald Thomas Jim Dale, Harry H. Corbett Comédie
Le Crépuscule des aigles John Guillermin George Peppard, Ursula Andress World War I Drame
Cul-de-sac Roman Polanski Donald Pleasence, Françoise Dorléac, Lionel Stander Thriller Won the Ours d'or at Berlin
Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. Gordon Flemyng Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins Sci-Fi
Dateline Diamonds Jeremy Summers Small Faces, The Chantelles, Kiki Dee Music
The Deadly Bees Freddie Francis Suzanna Leigh, Guy Doleman, Frank Finlay Horreur
Death Is a Woman Frederic Goode Trisha Noble, Mark Burns, Shaun Curry Mystery
Discotheque Holiday Douglas Hickox, Vincent Scarza Jon Anderson, Tony Anderson Musical
Doctor in Clover Ralph Thomas Leslie Phillips, Joan Sims Comédie
Don't Lose Your Head Gerald Thomas Sid James, Jim Dale Comédie
Dracula: Prince of Darkness Terence Fisher Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley Horreur
En Angleterre occupée Kevin Brownlow, Andrew Mollo Pauline Murray, Sebastian Shaw Drame
Fahrenheit 451 François Truffaut Julie Christie, Oskar Werner Futuristic Drame Based on the Ray Bradbury novel
The Famille Way Roy Boulting Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett Drame
La Fantastique Histoire vraie d'Eddie Chapman Terence Young Christopher Plummer, Romy Schneider, Gert Fröbe Espionnage /Thriller
Finders Keepers Sidney Hayers Cliff Richard, Bruce Welch Musical
Le Forum en folie Richard Lester Zero Mostel, Michael Crawford, Buster Keaton Comédie
Le Gentleman de Londres Jack Smight Warren Beatty, Susannah York Crime Drame
Georgy Girl Silvio Narizzano Lynn Redgrave, James Mason Drame Entered into the 16th Berlin International Film Festival
La Grande Vadrouille Gérard Oury Bourvil, Louis de Funès Terry-Thomas Comédie, Film de guerre, Road movie Co-production franco-britannique
The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder Frankie Howerd, Reg Varney Comédie
The Hand of Night Frederic Goode William Sylvester, Diane Clare Thriller
I Was Happy Here Desmond Davis Sarah Miles, Cyril Cusack Drame
L'Île de la terreur Terence Fisher Edward Judd, Peter Cushing Horreur
It! Herbert J. Leder Roddy McDowall, Jill Haworth Science-fiction
Judith Daniel Mann Sophia Loren, Peter Finch Drame Co-production with Israel and the United States
Khartoum Basil Dearden Laurence Olivier, Charlton Heston Historical Drame
Mademoiselle Tony Richardson Jeanne Moreau, Ettore Manni, Keith Skinner Romance/Drame
Mes funérailles à Berlin Guy Hamilton Michael Caine, Guy Doleman, Oskar Homolka Espionnage Thriller Based on Len Deighton's novel
MI5 demande protection Sidney Lumet James Mason, Harry Andrews, Simone Signoret, Maximilian Schell Espionnage Based on John le Carré's novel
Modesty Blaise Joseph Losey Monica Vitti, Terence Stamp, Dirk Bogarde Espionnage Entered into the Festival de Cannes 1966
Morgan! Karel Reisz David Warner, Vanessa Redgrave, Robert Stephens Drame
Le Mystère des treize J. Lee Thompson Deborah Kerr, David Niven Horreur
Naked Evil Stanley Goulder Basil Dignam, Anthony Ainley Horreur
Opération Marrakech Don Sharp Tony Randall, Senta Berger Comédie
Paradiso, hôtel du libre-échange Peter Glenville Alec Guinness, Gina Lollobrigida Comédie
The Plague of the Zombies John Gilling André Morell, Diane Clare, Jacqueline Pearce Horreur
La Planque Cyril Frankel Stewart Granger, Susan Hampshire Thriller
Le Prince Donegal Michael O'Herlihy Peter McEnery, Susan Hampshire Aventure Co-production with the United States
The Psychopath Freddie Francis Patrick Wymark, Margaret Johnston Mystery
Raspoutine, le moine fou Don Sharp Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley Horreur
Le Renard s'évade à trois heures Vittorio De Sica Peter Sellers, Britt Ekland Comédie Co-production with Italy
The Reptile John Gilling Noel Willman, Jennifer Daniel Horreur
Run with the Wind Lindsay Shonteff Francesca Annis, Sean Caffrey Drame
The Sandwich Man Robert Hartford-Davis Michael Bentine, Dora Bryan, Harry H. Corbett Comédie
Le Secret du rapport Quiller Michael Anderson George Segal, Senta Berger, Alec Guinness, Max von Sydow Espionnage Thriller Based on Adam Hall's novel. Nominated for three BAFTAs
Sky West and Crooked John Mills Hayley Mills Romantic Drame
The Spy with a Cold Nose Daniel Petrie Laurence Harvey, Daliah Lavi Comédie
That Riviera Touch Cliff Owen Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise Comédie
They're a Weird Mob Michael Powell Walter Chiari, Clare Dunne, Chips Rafferty Aventure/Comédie
Thunderbirds Are Go David Lane Peter Dyneley, Sylvia Anderson Sci-fi
The Trap Sidney Hayers Oliver Reed, Rita Tushingham Action
Les Treize Fiancées de Fu Manchu Don Sharp Christopher Lee, Douglas Wilmer Thriller
Un homme pour l'éternité Fred Zinnemann Paul Scofield, Wendy Hiller, Leo McKern, Orson Welles Historical Drame Winner of six Oscars du cinéma, entered into the 5th Moscow International Film Festival
Un million d'années avant J.C. Don Chaffey Raquel Welch
John Richardson
Prehistoric Aventure
Un mort en pleine forme Bryan Forbes John Mills, Ralph Richardson, Michael Caine Comédie
The Uncle Desmond Davis Rupert Davies, Brenda Bruce Drame
Vivre libre James Hill Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers Biopic
Where the Bullets Fly John Gilling Tom Adams, Dawn Addams Espionage
Who Killed the Cat? Montgomery Tully Mary Merrall, Ellen Pollock Mystery
The Witches Cyril Frankel Joan Fontaine, Alec McCowen, Kay Walsh Horreur


Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
À cœur joie Serge Bourguignon Brigitte Bardot, Laurent Terzieff Drame Co-production with France
Accident Joseph Losey Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker, Jacqueline Sassard Drame
Africa Texas Style Andrew Marton John Mills, Hugh O'Brian Aventure
Attaque sur le mur de l'Atlantique Paul Wendkos Lloyd Bridges, Andrew Keir War
Le Bal des vampires Roman Polanski Jack MacGowran, Sharon Tate Comédie Horreur British-American co-production
Battle Beneath the Earth Montgomery Tully Kerwin Mathews, Viviane Ventura Sci Fi
Bedazzled Stanley Donen Peter Cook, Dudley Moore Comédie
Berserk! Jim O'Connolly Joan Crawford, Ty Hardin Horreur/Slasher
The Bobo Robert Parrish Peter Sellers, Britt Ekland Comédie
Carry On Doctor Gerald Thomas Kenneth Connor, Frankie Howerd Comédie
Casino Royale Ken Hughes, John Huston, Joseph McGrath, Robert Parrish, Val Guest David Niven, Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress Comédie
Chantage au meurtre Sidney J. Furie Frank Sinatra, Edward Fox Espionnage
Charlie Bubbles Albert Finney Albert Finney, Billie Whitelaw Drame
Les Chuchoteurs Bryan Forbes Edith Evans, Eric Portman, Gerald Sim Drame Evans won the Ours d'argent de la meilleure actrice at Berlin
Comment j'ai gagné la guerre Richard Lester Michael Crawford, John Lennon Dark Comédie
La Comtesse de Hong-Kong Charles Chaplin Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren Drame Chaplin's last film as a director
Cuckoo Patrol Duncan Wood Freddie Garrity, Kenneth Connor Comédie/Musical
Danger Route Seth Holt Richard Johnson, Carol Lynley Thriller
The Day the Fish Came Out Michael Cacoyannis Tom Courtenay, Sam Wanamaker, Candice Bergen Comédie
Le Défi de Robin des Bois C.M. Pennington-Richards Barrie Ingham, Peter Blythe Aventure
Le Dernier Safari Henry Hathaway Kaz Garas, Stewart Granger Aventure
Doctor Faustus Richard Burton, Nevill Coghill Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton Drame
Follow That Camel Gerald Thomas Phil Silvers, Kenneth Williams Comédie
Frankenstein Created Woman Terence Fisher Peter Cushing, Susan Denberg Horreur
Le Grand Départ vers la Lune Don Sharp Burl Ives, Terry-Thomas, Gert Fröbe Sci Fi/Comédie
La Griffe Franklin J. Schaffner Yul Brynner, Britt Ekland Thriller
Half a Sixpence George Sidney Tommy Steele Musical
A Home of Your Own Jay Lewis Bridget Armstrong, Ronnie Barker Comédie Short film
I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname Michael Winner Oliver Reed, Carol White Drame
The Jokers Michael Winner Michael Crawford, Oliver Reed Comédie
Jugement à Prague John Ainsworth, Bernard Knowles Martine Carol, Anthony Steel Crime
Just like a Woman Robert Fuest Wendy Craig, Francis Matthews Comédie
Loin de la foule déchaînée John Schlesinger Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Terence Stamp, Peter Finch Literary Drame Number 79 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute
The Magnificent Two Cliff Owen Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise Comédie
The Man Outside Samuel Gallu Van Heflin, Heidelinde Weis Thriller
Marat/Sade (en) Peter Brook Ian Richardson, Patrick Magee Glenda Jackson Drame Film adaptation of the play
Le Marin de Gibraltar Tony Richardson Jeanne Moreau, Ian Bannen Drame
Maroc 7 Gerry O'Hara Gene Barry, Elsa Martinelli Thriller
The Mini-Affair Robert Anram Georgie Fame, Rosemary Nicols Romance/Comédie
Mister Ten Per Cent Peter Graham Scott Charlie Drake, Derek Nimmo, Wanda Ventham, John Le Mesurier Comédie
Les Monstres de l'espace Roy Ward Baker James Donald, Andrew Keir Science-fiction
The Mummy's Shroud John Gilling André Morell, John Phillips Horreur
Night of the Big Heat Terence Fisher Christopher Lee, Patrick Allen, Peter Cushing Sci-fi/Horreur
La Nuit des généraux Anatole Litvak Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif Thriller Co-production with France
On ne vit que deux fois Lewis Gilbert Sean Connery, Donald Pleasence Espionnage /Action
Our Mother's House Jack Clayton Dirk Bogarde, Pamela Franklin Drame
The Penthouse Peter Collinson Suzy Kendall, Terence Morgan Drame
The Plank Eric Sykes Eric Sykes, Tommy Cooper Comédie
Plus féroces que les mâles Ralph Thomas Richard Johnson, Elke Sommer Aventure
Poor Cow Ken Loach Terence Stamp, Carol White, John Bindon Drame
Pretty Polly Guy Green Hayley Mills, Trevor Howard Romance/Comédie
Privilège Peter Watkins Paul Jones, Jean Shrimpton Comédie/Musical
The Projected Man Ian Curteis, John Croydon Mary Peach, Bryant Halliday Science-fiction
La Reine des Vikings Don Chaffey Don Murray, Carita Historical
Ride of the Valkyrie Peter Brook Julia Foster, Zero Mostel, Frank Thornton Comédie Short film
The Shuttered Room David Greene Oliver Reed, Gig Young Horreur
The Sky Bike Charles Frend Liam Redmond, William Lucas Famille
Smashing Time Desmond Davis Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave Comédie
Some May Live Vernon Sewell Peter Cushing, Joseph Cotten Thriller
The Sorcerers Michael Reeves Boris Karloff, Catherine Lacey Horreur
Stranger in the House Pierre Rouve James Mason, Geraldine Chaplin Crime
The Terrornauts Montgomery Tully Simon Oates, Zena Marshall, Charles Hawtrey Sci-fi
They Came from Beyond Space Freddie Francis Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne Sci-fi
To Sir, with Love James Clavell Sidney Poitier, Judy Geeson, Lulu Drame
Torture Garden Freddie Francis Burgess Meredith, Jack Palance Horreur
Trois milliards d'un coup Peter Yates Stanley Baker, Joanna Pettet Crime/Drame
Trois petits tours et puis s'en vont Clive Donner Barry Evans, Judy Geeson Drame
Les Turbans rouges Ken Annakin Yul Brynner, Trevor Howard Action
Ulysses Joseph Strick Milo O'Shea, Barbara Jefford Drame Co-production with the United States
Un cerveau d'un milliard de dollars Ken Russell Michael Caine, Karl Malden, Françoise Dorléac, Oskar Homolka Espionnage thriller Based on Len Deighton's novel
Une fille nommée Fathom Leslie H. Martinson Raquel Welch, Anthony Franciosa Comédie Thriller
The Vengeance of Fu Manchu Jeremy Summers Christopher Lee, Douglas Wilmer, Tsai Chin Action/Drame
Voyage à deux Stanley Donen Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney, William Daniels, Eleanor Bron Comédie
The Vulture Lawrence Huntington Robert Hutton, Akim Tamiroff Sci-fi/Horreur
The White Bus Lindsay Anderson Arthur Lowe, Patricia Healey Drame Short film
The Winters' Tale Frank Dunlop Laurence Harvey, Jane Asher Comédie


Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
2001, l'Odyssée de l'espace Stanley Kubrick Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester Science-fiction
All Neat in Black Stockings Christopher Morahan Victor Henry (en), Susan George Comédie
Amsterdam Affair Gerry O'Hara Wolfgang Kieling, William Marlowe, Catherine Schell Crime
The Anniversary Roy Ward Baker Bette Davis Drame
Assignment K Val Guest Stephen Boyd, Michael Redgrave Thriller
Attaque sur le mur de l'Atlantique Paul Wendkos Lloyd Bridges, Andrew Keir War
Baby Love Alastair Reid Ann Lynn (en), Keith Barron, Linda Hayden, Diana Dors Drame
Berserk! Jim O'Connolly Joan Crawford, Diana Dors Thriller
Les Bicyclettes de Belsize Douglas Hickox Judy Huxtable, Anthony May Musical Short film
The Birthday Party William Friedkin Robert Shaw, Patrick Magee Drame
The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom Joseph McGrath Shirley MacLaine, Richard Attenborough Comédie
The Blood Beast Terror Vernon Sewell Peter Cushing, Robert Flemyng Horreur
The Bofors Gun Jack Gold Nicol Williamson, Ian Holm Drame
Boom! Joseph Losey Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton Drame
Carry On... Up the Khyber Gerald Thomas Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims Comédie Number 99 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute
La Charge de la brigade légère Tony Richardson Trevor Howard, Vanessa Redgrave War
Le chat croque les diamants Bryan Forbes Michael Caine, Eric Portman Crime Thriller
Chauds, les millions Eric Till Peter Ustinov, Karl Malden, Maggie Smith, Bob Newhart Comédie
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Ken Hughes Dick Van Dyke, Sally Ann Howes Fantasy
The Committee Peter Sykes Arthur Brown, Paul Jones Drame
Corruption Robert Hartford-Davis Peter Cushing, Sue Lloyd Horreur
Curse of the Crimson Altar Vernon Sewell Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff Horreur
La Déesse des sables Cliff Owen John Richardson, Olga Schoberová Fantasy
Le Dernier Train du Katanga Jack Cardiff Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux War
The Devil Rides Out Terence Fisher Christopher Lee, Charles Gray Horreur
Diamonds for Breakfast Christopher Morahan Marcello Mastroianni, Rita Tushingham Comédie
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave Freddie Francis Christopher Lee, Rupert Davies Horreur
Du sable et des diamants Don Chaffey Richard Johnson, Honor Blackman Aventure
Duffy Robert Parrish James Coburn, James Mason, James Fox Comédie/Crime Co-production with the US
The Fiction Makers Roy Ward Baker Roger Moore, Sylvia Syms Aventure
The Fixer John Frankenheimer Alan Bates, Dirk Bogarde Drame
Le Grand Inquisiteur Michael Reeves Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy, Hilary Dwyer Horreur
La Grande Catherine Gordon Flemyng Peter O'Toole, Jeanne Moreau Comédie
The Hand of Night Frederic Goode William Sylvester, Diane Clare Horreur
Hostile Witness Ray Milland Ray Milland, Sylvia Syms Drame
if.... Lindsay Anderson Malcolm McDowell, David Wood Counterculture Number 12 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute
Inadmissible Evidence Anthony Page Nicol Williamson, Eleanor Fazan Drame
Inspector Clouseau Bud Yorkin Alan Arkin, Frank Finlay Comédie
Interlude Kevin Billington Oskar Werner, Barbara Ferris Drame
The Intrepid Mr. Twigg Freddie Francis Roy Castle, Clovissa Newcombe Comédie Short film
Isadora Karel Reisz Vanessa Redgrave, James Fox Biopic Redgrave won Best Actress at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival
Joanna Michael Sarne Geneviève Waïte, Christian Doermer Drame Was due to be entered into the 1968 Cannes Film Festival
Journey into Darkness James Hill, Peter Sadsy Robert Reed, Jennifer Hilary Horreur
Journey to Midnight Roy Ward Baker, Alan Gibson Sebastian Cabot, Bernard Lee Mystery
Last of the Long-haired Boys Peter Everett Richard Todd, Gillian Raine Drame
Le Lion en hiver Anthony Harvey Peter O'Toole, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins Historical Drame winner of three Oscars du cinéma
Loving Feeling Norman J. Warren Simon Brent, Georgina Ward Drame
The Magus Guy Green Michael Caine, Anthony Quinn Mystery
Maldonne pour un espion Anthony Mann Laurence Harvey, Tom Courtenay Espionnage /Thriller
Mayerling Terence Young Omar Sharif, Catherine Deneuve Romance/Drame Based on the drame de Mayerling
La Motocyclette Jack Cardiff Marianne Faithfull, Alain Delon Drame
Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter Saul Swimmer Stanley Holloway, Peter Noone Musical
Negatives Peter Medak Peter McEnery, Diane Cilento Drame
Nobody Runs Forever Ralph Thomas Rod Taylor, Christopher Plummer Thriller
Oedipus the King Philip Saville Christopher Plummer, Lilli Palmer, Orson Welles, Richard Johnson Historical Drame
Oliver ! Carol Reed Mark Lester, Ron Moody, Shani Wallis, Oliver Reed, Harry Secombe, Jack Wild Musical Number 77 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute. Winner of six Oscars du cinéma's including Best Picture, 2 Golden Globes and a Special Prize at Moscou
Otley Dick Clement Tom Courtenay, Romy Schneider Comédie/Thriller
Petulia Richard Lester Julie Christie, George C. Scott, Richard Chamberlain Drame
Performance Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg Mick Jagger, James Fox Drame Not released until 1970
Prudence and the Pill Fielder Cook, Ronald Neame Deborah Kerr, David Niven Comédie
Quand les aigles attaquent Brian G. Hutton Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Mary Ure World War II/Action
Roméo et Juliette Franco Zeffirelli Leonard Whiting, Olivia Hussey Literary Drame Adaptation of Shakespeares play
Salt and Pepper Richard Donner Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford Comédie
Le Sang de Fu Manchu Jesús Franco Christopher Lee, Richard Greene Crime
School for Sex Pete Walker Derek Aylward, Rose Alba Comédie
The Sea Gull Sidney Lumet James Mason, Vanessa Redgrave Drame Co-production with the US
Sebastian David Greene Dirk Bogarde, Susannah York Drame
Secret Ceremony Joseph Losey Elizabeth Taylor, Mia Farrow, Robert Mitchum Drame
Shalako Edward Dmytryk Sean Connery, Brigitte Bardot Western
Le Songe d'une nuit d'été Peter Hall Derek Godfrey, Ian Holm Comédie
The Strange Affair David Greene Michael York, Jeremy Kemp, Susan George Crime
Subterfuge Peter Graham Scott Gene Barry, Joan Collins, Richard Todd Thriller
Tell Me Lies Peter Brook Mark Jones (en), Pauline Munro Drame
The Touchables Robert Freeman Judy Huxtable, Kathy Simmonds Comédie/Drame
Trio d'escrocs Basil Dearden Richard Attenborough, David Hemmings, Alexandra Stewart Comédie Based on Len Deighton's novel
Twisted Nerve Roy Boulting Hywel Bennett, Hayley Mills, Billie Whitelaw Thriller
Un jour parmi tant d'autres Peter Collinson David Hemmings, Tony Beckley War
Up the Junction Peter Collinson Dennis Waterman, Maureen Lipman Drame
Wonderwall Joe Massot Jack MacGowran, Jane Birkin, Richard Wattis Drame
Work Is a Four-Letter Word Peter Hall David Warner, Cilla Black Comédie
Yellow Submarine George Dunning The Beatles, Paul Angelis, John Clive Musical/Comédie


Titre Réalisation Distribution Genre Notes
The Adding Machine Jerome Epstein Milo O'Shea, Phyllis Diller Drame
Ah Dieu ! que la guerre est jolie Richard Attenborough John Mills, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith World War I Musical
Alerte Satellite 02 Roy Ward Baker James Olson, Catherine Schell Sci Fi
Alfred le Grand, vainqueur des Vikings Clive Donner David Hemmings, Michael York Historical
L'Ange et le Démon Richard Donner Charles Bronson, Susan George Comédie
Anne des mille jours Charles Jarrott Richard Burton, Geneviève Bujold, Anthony Quayle Historical Oscars du cinéma winner
Assassinats en tous genres Basil Dearden Oliver Reed, Diana Rigg, Curd Jürgens Black Comédie
Au service secret de Sa Majesté Peter R. Hunt George Lazenby, Diana Rigg, Telly Savalas Espionnage /Action
Avant que vienne l'hiver J. Lee Thompson David Niven, Topol Drame
La Bataille d'Angleterre Guy Hamilton Laurence Olivier, Trevor Howard, Robert Shaw World War II
Les Belles Années de miss Brodie Ronald Neame Maggie Smith, Robert Stephens, Pamela Franklin Drame
The Body Stealers (en) Gerry Levy George Sanders, Maurice Evans Sci-fi
Bronco Bullfrog Barney Platts-Mills Del Walker, Anne Gooding Drame
Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? Anthony Newley Anthony Newley, Connie Kreski Comédie
Le Capitaine Nemo et la ville sous-marine James Hill Robert Ryan, Chuck Connors Fantasy Based on novel by Jules Verne
Carry On Again Doctor Gerald Thomas Kenneth Williams, Sid James Comédie
Carry On Camping Gerald Thomas Sid James, Kenneth Williams Comédie
Le Cercueil vivant Gordon Hessler Vincent Price, Christopher Lee Horreur
La Chambre obscure Tony Richardson Nicol Williamson, Anna Karina Drame
Le Club des libertins Philip Saville David Hemmings, Joanna Pettet Comédie
Crooks and Coronets Jim O'Connolly Telly Savalas, Edith Evans Comédie
Crossplot Alvin Rakoff Roger Moore, Claudia Lange Thriller
Dance of Death David Giles Laurence Olivier, Geraldine McEwan Drame
Danger, planète inconnue Robert Parrish Roy Thinnes, Ian Hendry Sci fi
Davey des grands chemins John Huston John Hurt, Pamela Franklin Comédie
David Copperfield Delbert Mann Richard Attenborough, Laurence Olivier, Robin Phillips Drame
Enfants de salauds André de Toth Michael Caine, Nigel Green World War II
L'Escalier Stanley Donen Rex Harrison, Richard Burton Drame Co-production with the United States
L'Étoile du sud Sidney Hayers George Segal, Ursula Andress Aventure
Le Gang de l'oiseau d'or Sam Wanamaker Yul Brynner, Charles Gray Thriller
Gonflés à bloc Ken Annakin Terry-Thomas, Tony Curtis Comédie
Guns in the Heather Robert Butler Glenn Corbett, Alfred Burke Famille Co-production with US
Hamlet Tony Richardson Nicol Williamson, Anthony Hopkins Literary Drame Adaptation of Shakespeare's play
Hannibal Brooks Michael Winner Oliver Reed, Michael J. Pollard World War II
The Haunted House of Horreur Michael Armstrong Frankie Avalon, Jill Haworth Horreur
L'Homme le plus dangereux du monde J. Lee Thompson Gregory Peck, Anne Heywood Thriller
I Start Counting David Greene Jenny Agutter, Bryan Marshall Thriller
In Search of Gregory Peter Wood Julie Christie, Michael Sarrazin Romance
Kes Ken Loach David Bradley, Lynne Perrie Drame Number 7 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute
The Last Shot You Hear Gordon Hessler Hugh Marlowe, Zena Walker Thriller
Léo le dernier John Boorman Marcello Mastroianni, Billie Whitelaw Drame
Lock Up Your Daughters! Peter Coe Christopher Plummer, Susannah York Comédie
Love Ken Russell Alan Bates, Oliver Reed, Glenda Jackson, Jennie Linden Literary Drame Adapted from the book by D. H. Lawrence. Number 87 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute. Glenda Jackson won the Oscar de la meilleure actrice.
The Magic Christian Joseph McGrath Ringo Starr, Peter Sellers Comédie
Man of Violence Pete Walker Michael Latimer, Luan Peters Crime
Le Miroir aux espions Frank Pierson Christopher Jones, Ralph Richardson Espionnage
Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly Freddie Francis Ursula Howells, Pat Heywood, Howard Trevor Horreur/Comédie
A Nice Girl Like Me Desmond Davis Barbara Ferris, Harry Andrews Comédie
Opération V2 Boris Sagal David McCallum World War II
L'or se barre Peter Collinson Michael Caine, Noël Coward, Benny Hill Action/Comédie Number 36 in the Top 100 du British Film Institute
The Promise Michael Hayes (en) John Castle, Ian McKellen Drame
A Promise of Bed Derek Ford Victor Spinetti, Vanessa Howard Comédie
Le Retour de Frankenstein Terence Fisher Peter Cushing, Freddie Jones Horreur
Rhubarb Eric Sykes Eric Sykes, Harry Secombe Comédie Short film
Ring of Bright Water Jack Couffer Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna Drame
The Royal Hunt of the Sun Irving Lerner Robert Shaw, Christopher Plummer Aventure
Run Wild, Run Free Richard C. Sarafian John Mills, Mark Lester Famille
Sandy the Seal Robert Lynn Heinz Drache, Marianne Koch Famille
The Smashing Bird I Used to Know Robert Hartford-Davis Maureen Lipman, Dennis Waterman, Patrick Mower Drame
Some Girls Do Ralph Thomas Richard Johnson, Daliah Lavi Espionnage
A Talent for Loving Richard Quine Richard Widmark, Topol, Geneviève Page Comédie/Western Co-production with the United States
Three Into Two Won't Go Peter Hall Rod Steiger, Claire Bloom, Judy Geeson Drame Entered into the Berlinale 1969
Till Death Us Do Part Norman Cohen Warren Mitchell
Dandy Nichols
A Touch of Love Waris Hussein Sandy Dennis
Ian McKellen
Drame Entered into the Berlinale 1969
Two Gentlemen Sharing Ted Kotcheff Robin Phillips, Judy Geeson Drame
L'Ultime Garçonnière Richard Lester Rita Tushingham, Dudley Moore Comédie
Une messe pour Dracula Peter Sasdy Christopher Lee, Geoffrey Keen, Gwen Watford Horreur
The Virgin Soldiers John Dexter Hywel Bennett, Nigel Patrick, Lynn Redgrave Drame
Walk a Crooked Path John Brason Tenniel Evans, Faith Brook Crime
What's Good for the Goose Menahem Golan Norman Wisdom, Sally Geeson Comédie
Where's Jack? James Clavell Stanley Baker, Tommy Steele Crime
Zeta One Michael Cort James Robertson Justice, Charles Hawtrey Comédie/Sci-fi
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Liste de films britanniques sortis dans les années 1960
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