1695 Linfen earthquake

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The 1695 Linfen earthquake struck Shanxi Province in North China, Qing dynasty on May 18. Occurring at a shallow depth within the continental crust, the surface-wave magnitude 7.8 earthquake had a maximum intensity of XI on the China seismic intensity scale and Mercalli intensity scale. This devastating earthquake affected over 120 counties across eight provinces of modern-day China. An estimated 52,600 people died in the earthquake, although the death toll may have been 176,365.

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1695 Linfen earthquake
1695 Linfen earthquake is located in China
1695 Linfen earthquake
Local dateMay 18, 1695 (1695-05-18)
MagnitudeMs 7.8
Epicenter36.0°N 111.5°E / 36.0; 111.5 [1]
Areas affectedShanxi, Qing Dynasty
Max. intensityXI (Extreme)
Casualties52,600–176,365 dead
Map of the Shanxi Rift System along the eastern margin of the Ordos Block