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East Indies

Geographic region of islands east of India and Mainland Southeast Asia / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The East Indies (or simply the Indies) is a term used in historical narratives of the Age of Discovery. The Indies refers to various lands in the East or the Eastern hemisphere, particularly the islands and mainlands found in and around the Indian Ocean by Portuguese explorers, soon after the Cape route was discovered. Nowadays, this term is broadly used to refer to the Malay Archipelago, which today comprises the Philippine Archipelago, Indonesian Archipelago, Borneo, and New Guinea. Historically, the term was used in the Age of Discovery to refer to the coasts of the landmasses comprising the Indian subcontinent and the Indochinese Peninsula along with the Malay Archipelago.[1][2][3]

A 1606 map of the East Indies
An 1801 map of the East Indies
  East Indies
  Countries sometimes included in West Indies

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