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George II (Georgian: გიორგი II, romanized: giorgi II) (c. 1050 – 1112), of the Bagrationi dynasty, was a king of Georgia from 1072 to 1089. He was a son and successor of Bagrat IV and his wife Borena of Alania. Unable to deal effectively with the constant Seljuk Turkish attacks and overwhelmed by internal problems in his kingdom, George was forced to abdicate in favor of his energetic son David IV, to whom he remained a nominal co-ruler until his death in 1112. He also held the high Byzantine titles of curopalates (c. 1060) and caesar (c. 1081).

There was also a Giorgi II, Catholicos of Kartli who ruled in 826–838.
Quick facts: George II გიორგი II, King of Georgia (more......
George II
გიორგი II
A fragment of the fresco from the Ateni Sioni Church, purportedly depicting George II as a monk after his abdication in 1089. Reproduction by Grigory Gagarin, 1847[1]
King of Georgia
Coronation1050–1053 (in opposition to father)
PredecessorBagrat IV
SuccessorDavid IV
Bornc. 1050
Died1112 (aged 6162)
IssueDavid IV
FatherBagrat IV of Georgia
MotherBorena of Alania
ReligionGeorgian Orthodox Church
KhelrtvaGeorge IIგიორგი II's signature