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The Guidance Patrol (Persian: گشت ارشاد, romanized: gašt-e eršâd) or morality police[1] is an Islamic religious police force and vice squad in the Law Enforcement Command of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Guidance Patrol enforces ShariaIslamic law—per laws in Iran; this is most often the enforcement of Islamic dress code, such as ensuring women in the country wear hijabs.[2] The Guidance Patrol was formed in 2005 as a successor organisation to the older Islamic Revolution Committees, and reports to the Supreme Leader.[3]

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Guidance Patrol
گشت ارشاد
Official logo[lower-alpha 1]
Agency overview
FormedSummer 2005[lower-alpha 2]
Superseding agency
TypeReligious police and vice squad
Parent departmentLaw Enforcement Command of the Islamic Republic of Iran