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List of technology centers

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This is a list of technology centers throughout the world. Government planners and business networks often incorporate "silicon" or "valley" into place names to describe their own areas as a result of the success of Silicon Valley in California. Metrics may be applied to measure qualitative differences between these places, including:

  • How much and to what extent public and/or private research and development (R&D) funds are spent in the zones
  • What percentage of local employment is technology related
  • If the zone is mainly government funded or is mainly corporate driven (or is it a mix of both)
  • If mainly corporate, how much revenue and profit and which corporations have headquarters there
  • If mainly corporate, how much venture capital has been made available to companies in the zone
  • What supporting higher educational institutions (e.g., universities or colleges) are located in nearby

Xerox Parc in 1977, an important technology lab in California's Silicon Valley