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Maykop culture

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The Maykop culture (Russian: майкоп, [mɐjˈkop], scientific transliteration: Majkop,), c. 3700 BC3000 BC,[1] was a major Bronze Age archaeological culture in the western Caucasus region.

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Maykop culture
Alternative namesMaikop, Majkop
Geographical rangeEurasian Steppe
PeriodBronze Age
Datesc. 3700 BC – 3000 BC
Followed byYamna culture

It extends along the area from the Taman Peninsula at the Kerch Strait to near the modern border of Dagestan and southwards to the Kura River. The culture takes its name from a royal burial, the Maykop kurgan in the Kuban River valley.

According to genetic studies on ancient DNA published in 2018, the Maykop population came from the south, from Imereti, and was descended from the Chalcolithic farmers known as Darkveti-Meshoko who first colonized the north side of the Caucasus. Maykop is therefore the "ideal archaeological candidate for the founders of the Northwest Caucasian language family".[2][3]

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