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Myles Coverdale, first name also spelt Miles (1488 – 20 January 1569), was an English ecclesiastical reformer chiefly known as a Bible translator, preacher and, briefly, Bishop of Exeter (1551–1553).[2] In 1535, Coverdale produced the first complete printed translation of the Bible into English.[3] His theological development is a paradigm of the progress of the English Reformation from 1530 to 1552. By the time of his death, he had transitioned into an early Puritan, affiliated to Calvin, yet still advocating the teachings of Augustine.

Quick facts: The Right Reverend Myles Coverdale, Church, S...
The Right Reverend

Myles Coverdale
Bishop of Exeter
ChurchChurch of England
Term ended1553
PredecessorJohn Vesey
SuccessorJohn Vesey
Consecration30 August 1551
by Thomas Cranmer
Personal details
Bornc. 1488
Died20 January 1569 (aged 80-81)
London, England
BuriedChurch of St Bartholomew-by-the-Exchange, then St Magnus-the-Martyr, both in the City of London
DenominationCatholicism; later an early Anglican reformer and regarded as "proto-Puritan" in his later life.
Arms of Myles Coverdale: Quarterly per fess indented gules and or, in chief a rose between two fleurs-de-lys in base a fleur-de-lys between two roses all counter-changed[1]