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Russian conquest of Central Asia

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The conquest of Central Asia by the Russian Empire took place in the second half of the nineteenth century. The land that became Russian Turkestan and later Soviet Central Asia is now divided between Kazakhstan in the north, Uzbekistan across the center, Kyrgyzstan in the east, Tajikistan in the southeast, and Turkmenistan in the southwest. The area was called Turkestan because most of its inhabitants spoke Turkic languages with the exception of Tajikistan, which speaks an Iranian language.

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Russian conquest of Central Asia
Part of the territorial evolution of Russia
Map of Russian conquest of Turkestan

Russian victory

Russian annexation of Central Asia

Flag_of_Oryol_ship_%28variant%29.svg Tsardom of Russia (1713–1721)
Flag_of_Russia.svg Russian Empire (1721–1895)
Flag_of_the_Kalmyk_Khanate.svg Kalmyk Khanate (1721–1771)
Kalmyks (1773–1895)

Dzungar Khanate (until 1719)
Kazakh Khanate (until 1848)
Flag_of_the_Emirate_of_Bukhara.svg Bukhara Emirate (until 1868)
Bandera_de_Khiva_abans_1917.svg Khiva Khanate (until 1873)
Flag_of_the_Khanate_of_Kokand.svg Kokand Khanate (until 1876)
Turkmen tribes
Kyrgyz tribes
Flag_of_Afghanistan_%281880%E2%80%931901%29.svg Afghanistan
Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg British Empire
Commanders and leaders
Russian Empire Peter the Great
Russian Empire Ivan Buchholz
Russian Empire Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassky  
Russian Empire Ivan Likharev
Russian Empire Ivan Timofeev
Russian Empire Ivan Loginov
Russian Empire Nikita Borodin
Russian Empire Anna Ioannovna
Russian Empire Catherine the Great
Russian Empire Military foreman Vitoshnov  
Russian Empire Nikita Borodin  
Russian Empire Iosif Igelström
Russian Empire Nicholas I
Russian Empire Alexander II
Russian Empire Alexander III
Russian Empire Nicholas II
Russian Empire Vasily Perovsky
Russian Empire Konstantin von Kaufman
Russian Empire Mikhail Chernyayev
Russian Empire Ivan Lazarev
Russian Empire Nikolai Lomakin
Russian Empire Alexei Rytov  
Russian Empire Mikhail Skobelev
Russian Empire Dmitry Romanovsky
Russian Empire Nikolai Rukin  
Ormon Khan
Abul Khair Khan
Ablai Khan
Sapura Matenqyzy
Syrym Datuly
Azizuddin Bahadur 
Jar Muhammad Khan
Qasim Sultan
Wali Sultan
Adil Sultan
Ğubaidullah Khan 
Sarzhan Qasimuly
Kenesary Khan
Sher Ghazi Khan 
Flag_of_the_Emirate_of_Bukhara.svg Nasrullah Khan
Flag_of_the_Emirate_of_Bukhara.svg Muzaffaruddin Bahadur Khan
Syzdyk Sultan
United Kingdom William Brydon
Bandera_de_Khiva_abans_1917.svg Allah Quli Bahadur
Bandera_de_Khiva_abans_1917.svg Abu al-Ghazi Muhammad Amin Bahadur
Bandera_de_Khiva_abans_1917.svg Qutlugh Muhammad Murad Bahadur
Bandera_de_Khiva_abans_1917.svg Sayyid Muhammad
Bandera_de_Khiva_abans_1917.svg Muhammad Rahim Bahadur II
Muhammad Mallya Beg Khan
Muhammad Sultan Khan
Muhammad Khudayar Khan
Berdi Murad Khan 
Kara Bateer 
Makhdum Kuli Khan
White_Banner_of_National_Liberation.png Kurmanjan Datka
Flag_of_Afghanistan_%281880%E2%80%931901%29.svg Abdur Rahman Khan
Flag_of_Russia.svg In 1714–1716:
2,940 troops
In 1717:
4,000 troops
In 1715–1725:
2,000 troops
5 guns
12 pounds of gunpowder
300 cores
200 shot and buckshot charges
In 1773–1775:
35,000 troops
In 1832–1833:
1,050 troops
In 1835:
3,347 troops
In 1837:
2,480 troops
In 1838:
2,620 troops
In 1839-1840:
6651 troops and 10,000 camels (Khiva)
2,600 troops (Kazakh Khanate)
In 1843:
30,000+ troops (Summer)
3,100 troops (Autumn)
In 1844:
3,000 troops
In 1853:
2,000+ troops
In 1864:
2,500 troops
In 1873:
13,000 troops
In 1879:
3,500 troops
In 1881:
7,100 troops
In 1883–1885:
1,500 troops

Kazakh Khanate:
~10,000 troops (1717)
~500 troops (1720)
~300 troops (1721)
~3,000-6,000 troops (1773–1775)
~About 2,000 troops (1838)
~3,500 troops (1843)
~20,000 troops[1] (1844–1845)

One_of_the_3_flags_of_the_Kokand_khanate.png In 1853:
~12,000 troops
In 1865:
~36,000 troops
Casualties and losses
Flag_of_Russia.svg In 1716:
2,300 killed
1,300 captured
In 1717:
About 4,000 killed (Khiva)
3,000 captured (Kazakh Khanate)
In 1722:
5,000 captured
In 1774–1776:
2,500 killed
In 1839:
2,500 killed or died of diseases
In 1866:
500 killed and wounded
In 1879:
200+ killed
~250 wounded
In 1881:
59–268 killed
254–669 wounded
645 died of diseases
In 1885:
11 killed or wounded
One_of_the_3_flags_of_the_Kokand_khanate.png In 1853:
230+ killed
In 1875:
thousands killed
Flag_of_the_Emirate_of_Bukhara.svg In 1866:
12 000 killed
In 1868:
3 500+ killed
Turkmen tribes:
In 1879:
2,000+ killed
2,000+ wounded
In 1881:
~8,000 killed (incl. civilians)
Flag_of_Afghanistan_%281880%E2%80%931901%29.svg In 1885:
~900 killed or wounded