White Croats

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White Croats (Croatian: Bijeli Hrvati; Polish: Biali Chorwaci; Czech: Bílí Chorvati; Ukrainian: Білі хорвати, romanized: Bili khorvaty), or simply known as Croats, were a group of Early Slavic tribes who lived among other West and East Slavic tribes in the area of historical region of Galicia (north of Carpathian Mountains), specifically modern-day Western Ukraine, Lesser Poland, and Northeastern Bohemia.[1][2][3] They were documented primarily by foreign medieval authors and managed to preserve their ethnic name until the early 20th century, primarily in Lesser Poland. It is considered that they were assimilated into Ukrainian, Polish and Czech ethnos,[4] and are one of the predecessors of the Rusyn people.[5][6] In the late 6th and early 7th century, some White Croats migrated from their homeland, Great White Croatia, to the territory of modern-day Croatia in Southeast Europe along the Adriatic Sea, forming the ancestors of the South Slavic ethnic group of Croats.[7]

European territory inhabited by West Slavs and East Slavs circa 700–850 AD.