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The Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan pronunciation: [ʒənəɾəliˈtad kətəˈluɲə]; Spanish: Generalidad de Cataluña; Occitan: Generalitat de Catalonha), or the Government of Catalonia, is the institutional system by which Catalonia politically organizes its self-government as an autonomous community of Spain. It is formed by the Parliament of Catalonia, the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and the Executive Council of Catalonia (also very often referred to as Govern, "Government"). It is ruled according to the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia.

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Generalitat de Catalunya
Logo of the Generalitat de Catalunya
Government of Catalonia overview
Formed19 December 1359 (first inception)
17 April 1931 (established by the Second Spanish Republic)
29 September 1977 (reestablished from exile)
Dissolved16 September 1714 (defeat in the War of the Spanish Succession)
5 February 1939 (Francoist occupation during Spanish Civil War)
JurisdictionFlag_of_Catalonia.svg Catalonia
HeadquartersPalau de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Annual budget€34.03 billion (2017)[2]
Government of Catalonia executives

Its origins are in the 13th century when permanent councils of deputies (deputations) were created to rule administration of the Courts of the different realms that formed the Crown of Aragon which gave birth to the Deputation of the General of the Principality of Catalonia (1359), the Deputation of the General of the Kingdom of Aragon (1362) and the Deputation of the General of the Kingdom of Valencia (1412). The modern Generalitat was established in 1931, as the institution of self-government of Catalonia within the Spanish Republic. Remaining in exile after the end of the Civil War in 1939, it was reestablished in 1977.

Its headquarters are at the Palau de la Generalitat, in the city of Barcelona.

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