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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Dutch pronunciations in Wikipedia articles. For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see {{IPA-nl}} and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.

See Dutch phonology for a more thorough look at the sounds of Dutch as well as dialectal variations not represented here.

Table info: Consonants, IPA, Examples, English approximat...
IPA Examples English approximation
b beet bait
d dak duck
f fiets feats
ɣ gaan[lower-alpha 1] no English equivalent; roughly like loch (Scottish)
ɦ had[lower-alpha 1] behind
j jas yard
k kat, cabaret ski
l land land
m mens man
n nek neck
ŋ eng long
p pen, rib[lower-alpha 2] sport
r ras[lower-alpha 3] American atom, or bar, or Scottish loch, but voiced
s sok between sip and ship (retracted) (N), sip (B)
t tak, had[lower-alpha 2] stop
v ver[lower-alpha 1] very, but more forceful
ʋ wang[lower-alpha 4] like a looser very
x acht,[lower-alpha 1] weg[lower-alpha 2] loch (Scottish English)
z zeep[lower-alpha 1] between zone and genre (retracted) (N), zone (B)
Marginal consonants
c tientje, check[lower-alpha 5] cheer
ɡ goal[lower-alpha 6] goal
ɟ Giovanni[lower-alpha 5] jeep
ɱ omvallen symphony
ɲ oranje, Trijntje[lower-alpha 5] somewhat like canyon
ʃ sjabloon, chef[lower-alpha 5] ship
ʒ jury[lower-alpha 1][lower-alpha 5] genre
ʔ bindig [bəˈʔɛindəx],
Trijntje Oosterhuis
[-ə ˈʔoː-][lower-alpha 7]
catch in uh-oh!
ˈ voorkomen
as in commandeer
Other representations
( ) maken [ˈmaːkə(n)]
zelf [zɛl(ə)f]
Optional sound[lower-alpha 8]
IPA Examples English approximation
Checked vowels[lower-alpha 9]
ɑ bad father, but rather short
ɛ bed bed
ɪ vis sit
ɔ bot off
ʏ hund roughly like nurse
Free vowels and diphthongs[lower-alpha 9]
aap father
beet, ezel[lower-alpha 10] American may (N), Scottish may (B)
ə de again
i diep deep
boot[lower-alpha 10] American go (N), story (B)
y fuut roughly like few
øː neus[lower-alpha 10] roughly like fur
u hoed roughly like rule
ɑi ai price
aːi draai prize
ʌu jou, dauw out
ɛi bijt, ei no English equivalent, roughly like Australian may
eːu sneeuw no English equivalent, roughly like say oo
iu nieuw ew!
ɔi hoi choice
oːi nooit no English equivalent, roughly like boys
œy buit no English equivalent at all
ui groei no English equivalent, roughly like gooey
yu duw no English equivalent at all
Marginal vowels
ɛː scène[lower-alpha 11] square (British English)
analyse, dier[lower-alpha 12] wheeze
ɔː roze[lower-alpha 13][lower-alpha 14] thought
œː freule[lower-alpha 13] no English equivalent at all
cruise, boer[lower-alpha 12] rule
centrifuge, kuur[lower-alpha 12] no English equivalent, roughly like fugue
ɑ̃ː genre[lower-alpha 13] roughly like croissant
ɛ̃ː hautain[lower-alpha 13] roughly like doyen
ɔ̃ː chanson[lower-alpha 13] roughly like montage