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Kimbanguism (French: Kimbanguisme) is a Christian new religious movement professed by the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth by His special envoy Simon Kimbangu (French: Église de Jésus Christ sur la Terre par son envoyé spécial Simon Kimbangu) founded by Simon Kimbangu in the Belgian Congo (today the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1921. It is considered a sectarian branch of Christianity[by whom?]. A large, independent African-initiated church, it has an estimated 6 million believers[citation needed] and has its headquarters in Nkamba, Kongo Central. The denomination became a member of the World Council of Churches, the All Africa Conference of Churches, and the Organization of African Instituted Churches. In June 2021, the World Council of Churches withdrew membership on doctrinal grounds.[1]

Quick facts: Kimbanguism, Type, Classification, Father, Re...
French: Kimbanguisme
Simon Kimbangu
TypeNew christian religious movement
ClassificationAfrican initiated church
FatherSimon Kimbangu Kiangani
RegionDemocratic Republic of Congo
HeadquartersNkamba Kongo Central, Democratic Republic of Congo
FounderSimon Kimbangu
OriginApril 1921
Members6 million[citation needed]
Other name(s)Church of Jesus Christ on Earth by His special envoy Simon Kimbangu
Members of the Kimbanguist Church in Nkamba celebrating Christmas, 25 May 2016. The church shifted observance of Christ's birth to the birthday of leader Salomon Dialungana, who is believed to be Christ reincarnated.