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LoveFilm was a United Kingdom–based provider of DVD-by-mail and streaming video on demand in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany.

Quick facts: Type, Industry, Founded, Founders, Defunct...
Lovefilm International Ltd.
IndustryElectronic commerce
FoundersGraham Bosher
Alex Chesterman
Paul Gardner
Thomas Hoegh
Saul Klein
William Reeve
Defunct31 October 2017 (2017-10-31)[1]
FateFolded into Amazon Instant Video
SuccessorPrime Video
Area served
United Kingdom
Key people
Christopher Cunningham (MSH)
Jeff Siemanym (Operations Director)
video on demand
ServicesPlayStation 3 – November 2010
Xbox 360 – December 2011
iPad – September 2011
Wii and Wii U – December 2012
DivisionsLovefilm UK
WebsiteAmazon storefront

Acquired by in 2011, the service had reached 2 million subscribers. It claimed over 70,000 titles, and over 4 million DVD, Blu-ray or game rentals per month in five countries. Through a series of acquisitions, Lovefilm quickly became the leading online DVD rental and streaming outlet in the UK and Europe.

The company offered a download service alongside postal delivery but this ceased on 23 February 2009.[2] The company also started a "watch online" service which offered over 4,700 films available to watch as part of a subscription. This online viewing was available for free to subscribers who had opted for one of their unlimited monthly rental plans or the unlimited streaming-only account.

On 26 February 2014, Amazon announced that Lovefilm's streaming service would be folded into its Instant Video service, and in August 2017, Amazon announced that the Lovefilm By Post service would end on 31 October 2017, citing a "decreasing demand" for the discs.[3]

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