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National Immigration Administration (NIA; Chinese: 国家移民管理局), also known as the Exit and Entry Administration of the People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国出入境管理局) for regional border control between Mainland China and Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan Area, is a sub-ministry level executive agency administrated by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS). The administration is responsible for coordinating and formulating immigration policies and their implementation, border control, administering foreigners’ stay, management on refugees and nationality, taking the lead in coordinating the administering of foreigners who illegally enter, stay or are employed in China, and the repatriation of illegal immigrants.[1][2]

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National Immigration Administration
(Exit and Entry Administration of the People's Republic of China)
Emblem of the National Immigration Administration
National Immigration Management Team Flag (since April 2, 2021)
Agency overview
FormedApril 2, 2018
Preceding agency
  • Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of Public Security
JurisdictionPeople's Republic of China
Parent agencyState Council via the Ministry of Public Security
Child agency
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National Immigration Administration
Simplified Chinese国家移民管理局

The agency was formed to focus on the management of illegal entry, illegal residence, illegal employment" of foreigners (referred to as "Three-Non Foreigners") in addition to being responsible for the management of Chinese citizens entering and leaving the country (border) for private purposes.

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