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The Australian Labor Party (ALP), also simply known as Labor, is the major centre-left political party in Australia, one of two major parties in Australian politics,[3] along with the centre-right Liberal Party of Australia. The party has been governing federally since being elected at the 2022 election, and with political branches in each state and territory, they are currently in government in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern TerritoryTasmania is the only state or territory where they currently form the opposition. It is the oldest continuous political party in Australia, being established on 8 May 1901 at Parliament House, Melbourne, the meeting place of the first federal Parliament.

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Australian Labor Party
LeaderAnthony Albanese
Deputy LeaderRichard Marles
Senate LeaderPenny Wong
PresidentWayne Swan[1]
National SecretaryPaul Erickson
  • Oldest branches:
    1891; 132 years ago (1891)
  • Federal Caucus:
    8 May 1901; 122 years ago (1901-05-08)
HeadquartersBarton, Australian Capital Territory
Think tankChifley Research Centre
Youth wingAustralian Young Labor
Women's wingLabor Women's Network
LGBT wingRainbow Labor
Indigenous wingAboriginal Labor
Disabled people's wingLabor Enabled
Membership (2020)Increase 60,085[2]
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positionCentre-left
International affiliation
Union affiliateACTU
Affiliate partiesCountry Labor (2000–2021)
Colours  Red
Slogan"A Better Future"
Governing bodyNational Executive
Parliamentary partyFPLP
Party branches
House of Representatives
78 / 151
26 / 76
State/territory governments
7 / 8
State/territory lower houses
267 / 455
State upper houses
65 / 155

The ALP was not founded as a federal party until after the first sitting of the Australian parliament in 1901. It is regarded as descended from labour parties founded in the various Australian colonies by the emerging labour movement in Australia, formally beginning in 1891. Colonial labour parties contested seats from 1891, and federal seats following Federation at the 1901 federal election. The ALP formed the world's first labour party government and the world's first social-democratic government at a national level.[4] At the 1910 federal election, Labor was the first party in Australia to win a majority in either house of the Australian parliament. In every election since 1910 Labor has either served as the governing party or the opposition. There have been 13 Labor Prime Ministers and 10 periods of Federal Labor governments.

At the federal and state/colony level, the Australian Labor Party predates both the British Labour Party and the New Zealand Labour Party in party formation, government, and policy implementation.[5] Internationally, the ALP is a member of the Progressive Alliance, a network of social-democratic parties,[6] having previously been a member of the Socialist International.