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Bids for Olympic Games

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National Olympic Committees that wish to host an Olympic Games select cities within their territories to put forth bids for the Olympic Games. The staging of the Paralympic Games is automatically included in the bid.[1] Since the creation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894, which successfully appropriated the name of the Ancient Greek Olympics to create a modern sporting event, interested cities have rivaled for selection as host of the Summer or Winter Olympic Games. 51 different cities have been chosen to host the modern Olympics: three in Eastern Europe, five in East Asia, one in South America, three in Oceania, nine in North America and all the others in Western Europe. No Central American, African, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, South Asian, or Southeast Asian city has ever been chosen to host an Olympics.

Due recent changes at the Olympic Charter,the host city decisions have been made at IOC Sessions between seven to eleven years from the games; for example, the 2020 Summer Olympics were awarded to Tokyo on 7 September 2013, the 2022 Winter Olympics were awarded to Beijing on 31 July 2015, the 2024 Summer Olympics and the 2028 Summer Olympics were awarded to Paris and Los Angeles jointly on 13 September 2017, the 2026 Winter Olympics were awarded to Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo on 24 June 2019, the 2028 Summer Olympics.The last host city decision was the 2032 Summer Olympics who were awarded to Brisbane on 21 July 2021.