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Cayman Islands

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The Cayman (/ˈkmən/) Islands is a self-governing British Overseas Territory, and the largest by population. The 264-square-kilometre (102-square-mile) territory comprises the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, which are located south of Cuba and north-east of Honduras, between Jamaica and Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. The capital city is George Town on Grand Cayman, which is the most populous of the three islands.

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Cayman Islands
"He hath founded it upon the seas"
Anthem: "God Save the King"
National song: "Beloved Isle Cayman"
Location of Cayman Islands (circled in red)
Location of Cayman Islands (circled in red)
Sovereign stateFlag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
British control1670
Self-government4 July 1959
Separation from Jamaica6 August 1962
Current constitution6 November 2009
and largest city
George Town
19.320°N 81.229°W / 19.320; -81.229
Official languagesEnglish
Cayman Islands English[1]
Ethnic groups
36.5% Multiracial
30.2% Black
22.4% White
8.1% Asian
2.8% other[3]
GovernmentParliamentary dependency under a constitutional monarchy
Charles III
Jane Owen
Julianna O'Connor-Connolly
Government of the United Kingdom
David Rutley
259 km2 (100 sq mi)
 Water (%)
Highest elevation
43 m (141 ft)
 2022 estimate
81,546[5] (206th)
275.8/km2 (714.3/sq mi) (59th)
GDP (PPP)2019[6] estimate
$4.78 billion
 Per capita
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
$5.61 billion[7] (160th)
 Per capita
$91,392 (7th)
HDI (2013)0.984
very high
CurrencyCayman Islands dollar (KYD)
Time zoneUTC-5:00 (EST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+1-345
UK postcode
ISO 3166 codeKY

The Cayman Islands is considered to be part of the geographic Western Caribbean zone as well as the Greater Antilles. The territory is a major offshore financial centre for international businesses and wealthy individuals, largely as a result of the state not charging taxes on any income earned or stored.[8]

With a GDP per capita of $91,392, the Cayman Islands has the highest standard of living in the Caribbean, and one of the highest in the world.[9] Immigrants from over 130 countries and territories reside in the Cayman Islands.[10]

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