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Mono is a free and open-source .NET Framework-compatible software framework. Originally by Ximian, it was later acquired by Novell, and is now being led by Xamarin, a subsidiary of Microsoft[4] and the .NET Foundation. Mono can be run on many software systems.

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Original author(s)Ximian
Developer(s).NET Foundation and Xamarin (a Microsoft subsidiary)
Initial releaseJune 30, 2004; 19 years ago (2004-06-30)
Stable release / July 11, 2023; 7 months ago (2023-07-11)[1]
Written inC, C#, XML
Operating systemWindows, macOS, Linux, IBM AIX, IBM i[2]
PlatformIA-32, x64, IA-64, ARM, MIPS, RISC-V, PowerPC, SPARC, S390
TypeSoftware framework
LicenseMIT License[3]

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