Tâi-uân Lô-má-jī Phing-im Hong-àn

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The official romanization system for Taiwanese Hokkien in Taiwan is locally referred to as Tâi-uân Lô-má-jī Phing-im Hong-àn (lit.'Taiwan romanized script pingyin scheme') or Taiwan Minnanyu Luomazi Pinyin Fang'an (lit.'Taiwan Southern Min pingyin scheme')[upper-roman 1],[1] often shortened to Tâi-lô. It is derived from Pe̍h-ōe-jī and since 2006 has been one of the phonetic notation systems officially promoted by Taiwan's Ministry of Education.[2] The system is used in the MoE's Dictionary of Frequently-Used Taiwan Minnan. It is nearly identical to Pe̍h-ōe-jī, apart from: using ts tsh instead of ch chh, using u instead of o in vowel combinations such as oa and oe, using i instead of e in eng and ek, using oo instead of , and using nn instead of .

Taiwanese Romanization System
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Tâi-uân Lô-má-jī Phing-im Hong-àn
Traditional Chinese臺灣閩南語羅馬字拼音方案
Simplified Chinese台湾闽南语罗马字拼音方案
Literal meaningTaiwan Southern Min pingyin scheme
Tâi-uân Lô-má-jī Phing-im Hong-àn
Traditional Chinese臺灣羅馬字拼音方案
Simplified Chinese台湾罗马字拼音方案
Literal meaningTaiwan romanized script pingyin scheme
Traditional Chinese臺羅拼音
Simplified Chinese台罗拼音