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The Tarim Basin is an endorheic basin in Northwest China occupying an area of about 888,000 km2 (343,000 sq mi) and one of the largest basins in Northwest China.[1][2] Located in China's Xinjiang region, it is sometimes used synonymously to refer to the southern half of the province, or Nanjiang (Chinese: 南疆; pinyin: Nánjiāng; lit. 'Southern Xinjiang'), as opposed to the northern half of the province known as Dzungaria or Beijiang. Its northern boundary is the Tian Shan mountain range and its southern boundary is the Kunlun Mountains on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. The Taklamakan Desert dominates much of the basin. The historical Uyghur name for the Tarim Basin is Altishahr (Traditional spelling: 六城 or آلتی شهر), which means 'six cities' in Uyghur.

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Tarim Basin
  Northern Xinjiang (Dzungaria)
  Southern Xinjiang (Tarim)
Chinese name
Literal meaningSouthern Xinjiang
Uyghur name
Uyghurتارىم ئويمانلىقى